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MLB Draft 2015: Day Two Open Thread

By the end of the day, the Yankees will have added eight more players to their ranks. Follow along with us!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of the 2015 MLB Draft is behind us. With three of the first 60 picks, the Yankees took the safe, high-floor route by drafting UCLA righty James Kaprielian (#16), University of San Diego shortstop Kyle Holder (#30), and Indiana State lefty Jeff Degano (#57). Regardless of what you might think of these picks, we'll all be looking forward to seeing how these well-regarded collegiate players fare in the minors once the Yankees wrap up their signing process.

Of course, the draft is far from over, and some of the Yankees' top players in franchise history were taken far from the first two rounds--just ask Don Mattingly and Andy Pettitte, to name just a few. Rounds three through ten will take place today with the final 30 rounds going rapid-fire tomorrow. MLB Network began coverage at 12:30, and the Arizona Diamondbacks will be on the clock for the first pick of the third round and 76th overall beginning at 1:00. Here are the Yankees' scheduled picks with the slot's top career WAR-producing player included. Keep in mind that asterisked players are still active and some of these players did not necessarily sign with the teams that drafted them; this is just for fun.

3rd round: 92nd overall
Top WAR: Mike Witt, SP (1978, 22.0 WAR)

4th round: 123rd overall
Top WAR: Steve Sparks, SP (1987, 10.1 WAR)

5th round: 153rd overall
Top WAR: Todd Pratt, C (1985, 4.3 WAR)

6th round: 183rd overall
Top WAR: Jose Alvarez, RP (1978, 3.4 WAR)

7th round: 213th overall
Top WAR: Mike Proly, RP (1972, 8.5 WAR)

8th round: 243rd overall
Top WAR: Jimmy Key, SP (1979, 49.6 WAR)

9th round: 273rd overall
Top WAR: Mike Mussina, SP (1987, 83.0 WAR)

10th round: 303rd overall
Top WAR: Tony Fossas, RP (1979, 2.9 WAR)

The Yankees don't play until tonight, so follow along with us this afternoon as the Yanks add some fun new prospects! We'll have posts going up about each of the draft picks, so watch for Tanya and Jason's awesome work to progress, and check out what they've done so far on MLB Draft Day One in the articles linked below. Also buy them pizza and/or alcohol for their sanity.