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2015 MLB draft order: Yankees picks, how to follow, & live updates

Brace yourselves. The MLB Draft is coming.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The 2015 MLB Draft is finally upon us. With the 16th overall pick, the Yankees will be drafting higher than they have drafted in some Pinstripe Alley writers' lifetimes. The team hasn't had a pick this high in over 20 years. It's an exciting opportunity to bring in talent to a farm system that is on the rebound. In addition to the 16th overall pick, the Yankees have another pick in the Compensation Round that they received after David Robertson was signed by the Chicago White Sox. The final round today will be the second round. The Yankees will have pick 57.

Tonight's festivities will be airing on MLB Network starting at 6 pm. The actual draft gets underway at 7 pm. Everyone will be back in action tomorrow afternoon for rounds 3-10 and on Wednesday for rounds 11-40.

Who do you have your heart set on the Yankees picking this evening? Who do you think gets selected first overall? We'll be back throughout the night with write ups on all the Yankees' picks.


Yankees draft UCLA RHP James Kapriellian at 16th overall.

Yankees draft San Diego SS Kyle Holder at 30th overall.

Yankees draft Indiana State LHP Jeff Degano 57th overall.