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MLB Draft 2015: Yankees 2015 draft pick results tracker and social media guide

Keeping track of all the newest Yankees from the 2015 draft class.

Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

At long last, the 2015 MLB Draft is at a close. The Yankees selected 41 players over the weekend, and by beat writer Bryan Hoch's count, here was the breakdown: 20 righthanded pitchers, five outfielders, four lefthanded pitchers, four first basemen, two catchers, two second basemen, two third basemen, and a partridge in a pear tree two shortstops. All but seven of their picks were college players, indicating that the Yankees decided to go for more complete players rather than longer-term projects, a strategy that makes some sense given the team's mass international spending on raw 16 and 17-year-old last year and the relative weakness of the overall 2015 draft class compared to previous years

As I did last year, I have compiled a list of the Yankees' draft class that includes links to Tanya and Jason's diligent coverage of each pick, where to find them on Twitter, and most importantly, their current status. Signing bonuses will be listed under "Status" if they are made available, as well their assignments (with sourced links). The Yankees have the sixth-largest total allotted slot money with $7,885,000 of slot money to use. If the bonus is listed, the (+), (=), and (-) will indicate if they signed over, equal, or under slot. There are no slots past the 10th round, though the team has to pay the difference when post-10th round picks receive more than $100,000. We will update this post as the draftees and the Yankees make their decisions.

Round Player School DOB Twitter Status Assignment
1 (16) RHP James Kaprielian UCLA (Jr.) 3/2/1994 @JamesKaprielian $2.65M (+) Staten Island
1 (30) SS Kyle Holder San Diego (Jr.) 5/25/1994 @kyleholder22 $1.8M (-) Staten Island
2 (57) LHP Jeff Degano Indiana St. (Sr.) 10/30/1992 @JDegano $650K (-) Staten Island
3 (92) RHP Drew Finley Rancho Bernardo HS (CA) 7/10/1996 @D_Finley09 $950K (+) Pulaski
4 (123) CF Jeff Hendrix Oregon St. (Jr.) 7/16/1993 @JeffHendro S456,800 (=) Staten Island
5 (153) RHP Chance Adams Dallas Baptist (Jr.) 8/10/1994 N/A $330K (-) Staten Island
6 (183) 2B Brandon Wagner Howard College (J1) 8/24/1995 N/A $256K (=) Staten Island
7 (213) RF Jhalan Jackson Florida Southern College (Sr.) 2/12/1993 N/A $100K (-) Staten Island
8 (243) 3B Donny Sands Salpointe Catholic HS (AZ) 5/16/1996 @Dnike13 $100K (-) GCL Yanks 1
9 (273) 1B Ryan Krill Michigan St. (Sr.) 3/17/1993 @krillinit $5K (-) Staten Island
10 (303) LHP James Reeves The Citadel (Sr.) 6/7/1993 @reeves_james28 $50K (-) Staten Island
11 (333) LHP Josh Rogers Louisville (So.) 7/10/1994 @JoshRogers13 $485K (+) Staten Island
12 (363) CF Terrance Robertson Valley Vista HS (AZ) 11/18/1996 @TNDO_10 $170K (+) GCL Yanks 1
13 (393) CF Trey Amburgey St. Petersburg College (J2) 10/24/1994 @amburgey_trey Signed (=) GCL Yanks 1
14 (423) RHP Will Carter Alabama (Sr.) 1/18/1993 @10willcarter Signed (=) Staten Island
15 (453) RHP Bret Marks Tennessee (Sr.) 5/22/1992 @SweatMarks29 Signed (=) Staten Island
16 (483) RHP Kolton Mahoney Brigham Young (Jr.) 5/20/1992 @KoltonMahoney11 Signed (=) Staten Island
17 (513) RHP Brody Koerner Clemson (Jr.) 10/17/1993 N/A Signed (=) Pulaski
18 (543) LF Zack Zehner Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo (Sr.) 8/8/1992 @zzehner Signed (=) Staten Island
19 (573) RHP Mark Seyler San Diego St. (Jr.) 2/2/1994 @_markieemark Signed (=) Staten Island
20 (603) 1B Isiah Gilliam Chipola College (J1) 7/23/1996 @isiah_gilliam24 $550K (+) GCL Yanks 1
21 (633) RHP Josh Roeder Nebraska (Sr.) 12/2/1992 N/A Signed (=) Staten Island
22 (663) RHP Cody Carroll Southern Mississippi (Sr.) 10/15/1992 @Cody_Carroll37 $70K (=) Pulaski
23 (693) RHP Garrett Mundell Fresno St. (Sr.) 2/16/1993 @gmundell12 Signed (=) Pulaski
24 (723) RHP Paddy O'Brien UC - Santa Barbara (So.) 10/7/1993 @Pobrien027 Signed (=) GCL Yanks 2
25 (753) C Audie Afenir Oral Roberts (Sr.) 2/15/1992 N/A Signed (=) Pulaski
26 (783) RHP Icezack Flemming Cal St. L.A. (Sr.) 6/24/1992 @IcezackF Signed (=) GCL Yanks 1
27 (813) 1B Michael Hicks Coeur d'Alene HS (ID) 5/5/1997 N/A Won't sign N/A
28 (843) RHP David Sosebee Georgia (Jr.) 8/25/1993 @wahunnit Signed (=) Pulaski
29 (873) 1B Kane Sweeney Morehead St. (Sr.) 10/6/1992 @ksweeney17 Signed (=) Pulaski
30 (903) RHP Chad Martin Delaware (Jr.) 1/2/1994 N/A Signed (=) GCL Yanks 1
31 (933) RHP Hobie Harris Pittsburgh (Sr.) 6/23/1993 @Hobie_10 Signed (=) GCL Yanks 1
32 (963) RHP Alex Robinett West Point (Sr.) 11/25/1992 @TheAlexRobinett Signed (=) Pulaski
33 (993) RHP Christian Morris Indiana (Jr.) 1/23/1994 @MorrisC21 Signed (=) GCL Yanks 2
34 (1,023) LHP Andrew Miller Sterling HS (NJ) 12/15/1996 @AndrewMiller_15 Won't sign N/A
35 (1,053) RHP Alex Bisacca Sam Houston St. (Sr.) 6/23/1993 @A_Bisacca25 Signed (=) GCL Yanks 1
36 (1,083) RHP Dustin Cook Oklahoma City U. (Jr.) 11/3/1993 N/A Signed (=) GCL Yanks 1
37 (1,113) 3B Matt Schmidt Regis Jesuit HS (CO) 1/15/1997 @MattSchmidt77 Won't sign --
38 (1,143) 2B Mike Garzillo Lehigh (Jr.) 2/11/1994 N/A Won't sign --
39 (1,173) SS Deacon Liput Oviedo HS (FL) 6/27/1996 @DeaconLip07 Won't sign N/A
40 (1,203) C Will Albertson Catawba College (Jr.) 6/26/1994 @SlickWilly_1 Won't sign N/A

Post-draft updates

6/8: Yankees beat writer Bryan Hoch noted that 8th round pick Donny Sands said he was flying to Tampa to sign his contract. As Hoch said... that was quick!

6/11: 1st round pick Kyle Holder tweeted that he was "officially" a Yankee today and it wasn't like that was his first tweet since being drafted, so the smart money says that he has officially signed. With top shortstop prospect Jorge Mateo in Low-A Charleston at the moment though, my hunch is that he'll be playing with short-season Staten Island when they start their season on June 19th. Just a guess though.

6/12: 13th round pick Trey Amburgey announced that he was about to "begin his professional career" with the Yankees, so it seems like he will be signing. Additionally, BYU issued a press release about 16th round pick Kolton Mahoney agreeing to sign.

6/14: Bunch of updates lately. The sources are in the links, but Krill (9th round), ICEZACK (26th round), Sweeney (29th round), Robinett (32nd round), and Bisacca (35th round) have all posted about signing with the Yankees, so it looks like those picks have been added to the organization.'s official tracker also has 7th rounder Jackson as signed for $100,000, which is $92,000 under slot. A lot of these savings will probably go toward a bonus to entice the talented high school 3rd rounder Finley to forgo his commitment to USC--his slot is $626,600 and if he's signing, he's almost surely going a decent amount over. On the plus side, he has also tweeted about officially becoming a Yankee.

6/14 (2): Chris Cotillo tweeted that 9th round pick Krill is signing way under slot at a $5,000 bonus, so they're saving almost $150,000 there.

6/15: The Yankees' 11th rounder Josh Rogers won't be joining them--he'll be returning to Louisville for his junior year. Bit of a bummer, but not too surprising. Best of luck to him. Also, Holder's signing bonus was revealed, and the Yankees will save about $100,000 in slot money.

6/16: Bunch of mostly under-slot deals to report: 5th round pick Chance Adams signed for $330,000 ($12,000 under slot), 6th round pick Brandon Wagner signed at slot value for $256,000, 8th round pick Donny Sands officially signed for $100,000 ($73,000 under slot), and 10th rounder James Reeves signed for $50,000 ($99,700 under slot.) By Jason's calculations, the Yankees have saved $1,577,000 from the first 11 picks, not counting the likely over-slot deals planned for Kaprielian and Finley. (Jim Callis also reported the 22nd rounder Cody Carroll signed for $70,000.) Teams typically like to build up that kind of bank to entice some of the riskier late picks to forgo college and sign professionally, so we'll see if this extra coin turns into a player profit.

6/16 (2): Fourth round pick Jeff Hendrix is signing. Seeeeeeeems like legitimate proof. Same goes for 19th round pick Mark Seyler. Also, Jonathan Mayo reported that Finley received an above-slot $950,000 bonus, which exceeded his value by $323,400, and that Hendrix got slot value for the fourth round.

6/20: Several updates on signings, from the official Yankees transaction list and Baseball America's tracker: 13th round pick Trey Amburgey (now confirmed), 15th rounder Bret Marks, 17th rounder Brody Koerner, 18th rounder Zack Zehner, 21st rounder Josh Roeder, 23rd rounder Garrett Mundell, 25th rounder Audie Afenir, 28th rounder David Sosebee, 30th rounder Chad Martin, 31st rounder Hobie Harris, and 36th rounder Dustin Cook. Phew!

6/21: Speedy 12th round pick Terrance Robertson tweeted that he's officially a Yankee, so you can put him on the board (yes).

6/22: Second round pick Jeff Degano has signed for $650,000, which is roughly $350,000 under slot. A bit of a surprise choice, Degano recovered from Tommy John surgery with a strong senior season while boasting a couple nasty pitches, so it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

6/30: Impressive 20th round pick Isiah Gilliam has signed! Despite the late pick, he's a pretty exciting prospect, so this is great news.

7/12: It's coming down to the wire, and the Yankees have surprised by signing 11th rounder Josh Rogers! He had initially said he was returning to Louisville, and the university ran with his word. However, Callis has the Yankees signing him, leaving them with just enough money to go over-slot on Kaprielian. (MLB Transactions also has 24th rounder Paddy O'Brien and 33rd rounder Christian Morris signing.) Given that Boras is Kaprielian's agent, it seems likely that his final contract won't be decided until around the Friday deadline, but people still seem optimistic that something will get done since Kaprielian doesn't have a lot to gain by returning to school.

7/14: Callis provided several updates today on the details of how much slot money the Yankees have left for the yet-to-sign Kaprielian. Of all 24 of their post-10th round picks, the only ones to receive over-slot deals that will count against their allotted pool were 11th rounder Rogers ($485,000), 12th rounder Robertson ($170,000), and 20th rounder Gilliam ($550,000). Every dollar spent over $100,000 on these picks counts against the pool, so the Yankees have $2,676,450 left for Kaprielian, of which he'll probably take just about all of it. That's roughly $130,000 over his draft slot, so hopefully that's enough for Kaprielian and agent Scott Boras. With a stronger draft class coming next year, Kaprielian doesn't have much leverage, but regardless, Callis thinks a deal will get done soon.

7/15: Kaprielian's deal is done! That will probably do it for the draft picks--35 of the 41 signed.