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MLB Draft 2015: Day Three Open Thread

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We're nearing the close of the yearly event, so end the journey right here with us.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we're almost there. After months of scouting reports, mock drafts, and speculation, the 2015 MLB Draft is finally coming to an end. On day one, the Yankees chose floor over upside in James Kaprielian, Kyle Holder, and Jeff Degano. And on day two, the Yankees chose Good Baseball Names: Drew Finley, Jeff Hendrix, Chance Adams, Brandon Wagner, Jhalan Jackson, Donny Sands, Ryan Krill, and James Reeves.

Day Three isn't the place where stars are made, but it will still be interesting to watch if they find an unearthed gem, or if they snipe a high school player from college with a higher bonus offer. But in general, this is where a team makes relatively educated guesses, so even if they do have success, it's just as much noise as it is sound.

Round 11 will begin at 12 PM EST, and you can follow it on It will encompass rounds 11 through 41. The Yankees are also playing against the Washington Nationals at the same time, so we'll have double-barreled action. You can catch the game on YES,, or WFAN radio.