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Yankees Analysis

Breaking down Eduardo Rodríguez’s starts against the Yankees in 2021

The Yankees have struggled to score against the Boston left-hander this season.

Projecting the Yankees’ rotation down the stretch

When do you slot in Gerrit Cole?

The Yankees need more thump from Anthony Rizzo

The first baseman has been a hit with the glove, but is not inflicting damage on contact.

Sevy finally made his return, but will his high velocity this season?

The former Yankees ace needs to get his legs back under him.

Gio Urshela has been solid at shortstop thus far, but will that continue?

The current Yankees shortstop has good instincts, but is lacking in athletic ability

Where does Luis Gil’s command go?

The Yankee rookie has flashed brilliance and stinkage all in the same start. What’s the underlying cause?

The biggest factor in the Yankees’ offensive malaise is easy to spot

There have been many theories about why the Yankees have had difficulty scoring runs this season - this is the most likely.

Giancarlo Stanton has a fair contract

It likely won’t stay that way in the future, but it matches his current output.

Joey Gallo’s bat is heating up at the right time for the Yankees

This is the Joey Gallo the Bombers envisioned when they traded for him at the deadline.

The Yankees’ maddening failure to put away the Orioles might haunt them

The rest of baseball thumped Baltimore while New York barely stayed above water.

The Yankees need to manage Chad Green’s innings

The usually reliable right-hander clearly hit a wall, and the team needs to make sure he is healthy and fresh.

Gio Urshela is in danger of going full pumpkin

The hot-corner sensation of 2019-20 has been a shell of his former self at the plate.

The evolution of Aaron Judge in the batter’s box

Judge essentially traded walks for contact in 2021

Whatever happened to the Baby Bombers?

Underperformance by the new core is a key reason for the Yankees’ struggles.

The Yankees rolled the dice with their rotation, and it’s coming back to haunt them

The Yankees pitched well for most of the season, but the lack of depth in the rotation has caught up with them.

Should we have seen the Yankees’ streakiness at the plate coming?

When comparing some traditionally streaky bats to a pair of underperforming players, some key answers become apparent.

Strikeouts are not the cause of the Yankees’ offensive woes

While the Yankees rank near the top of the league in strikeouts, they do not have the effect on productivity that one might think.

Michael King is the best option the Yankees have for an emergency starter

It’s all hands on deck as the Bombers try to cobble together starts in Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon’s absences.

The Yankees’ biggest bois are healthy and together in 2021

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have anchored the Yankees’ 2021 season.

The Yankees’ pitching depth is about to be tested again

Crucial injuries are leaving the Yankees’ pitching corps exposed at the worst possible time.

Like many hitters, Gleyber Torres’ power lies in his hips

The Yankees shortstop’s swing is close, but still lacking juice.

The Yankees should be patient with Luis Gil

The righty impressed many with his string of scoreless innings, but as Wednesday reminded fans, he remains a work in progress.

Anatomy of a cold stretch: What made the Yanks lose their winning ways?

The Yankees were once on a 13-game winning streak, but now — yet again — they can’t get out of their own way.

Corey Kluber could better serve the Yankees in the bullpen

It would fit both his skillset and the team’s needs.

How did the shortened season affect 2021 inning distributions?

Coming into the season, many wondered about how the COVID-shortened season might affect pitcher usage in 2021.

Joey Gallo and the anatomy of a slump

The towering lefty has yet to perform as advertised.

Inside Aroldis Chapman’s tumultuous season

The Yankees closer hasn't been quite the same in 2021.

Scintillating Septembers past could serve the Yankees well in 2021

These four Yankees have put together dominant stretch runs in pinstripes before.

Gary Sánchez’s power outage could be due to toning it down too much

The Yankee catcher has only swatted four home runs in July and August combined.

What’s the source of Jameson Taillon’s recent struggles?

His fastball location may be the culprit.

Luke Voit’s swing is undeniably elite

With incredible timing mechanisms in his swing, Voit has hit anything thrown his way this month.

Néstor Cortes Jr. is dominating in truly unconventional fashion

The left-hander’s fastball averages around 90 mph and he doesn’t have elite spin rates, but he’s finding a way to limit damage.


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