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2016 Yankees Roster Report Card: Miscellaneous hitters

How did the rest of the hitters on the active roster fare in 2016?

MLB: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Yankees had some good players and some bad players. For this series we broke each player down in their own articles, but there are still a few who didn’t contribute enough to stand on their own. Instead we’re lumping these six position players—the best of the rest—will be lumped together right here.

Dustin Ackley

Grade: D

2016 Statistics: 28 G, 70 PA, .148/.243/.148

Normally it would be impossible to judge someone in such a small sample size, but for this article we are making an exception. This season was supposed to be Ackley’s big chance to change his career around. Instead, the Yankees traded for Starlin Castro. As a result, Ackley sat on the bench most days, cycling through first base, second base, and right field. He suffered a labrum tear in his shoulder by the end of May and missed the rest of the season. At least he contributed an incredibly good catch at the wall, even if the Yankees ended up losing the game in the end.

Billy Butler

Grade: B

2016 Statistics: 85 G, 242 PA, .276/.331/.403, 4 HR, 31 RBI (OAK)
12 G, 32 PA .345/.375/.517, 1 HR, 4 RBI (NYY)

The original three-year, $30 million contract that Oakland signed Butler to never really worked out, but that doesn’t mean he was totally useless either. He was released by the Athletics in September after news of a clubhouse altercation with teammate Danny Valencia left him with a concussion. The Yankees, still pretending they were in the playoff hunt at the time, signed Butler for the league minimum, and though the move was much maligned, it ended up being a nice little pickup.

Ike Davis

Grade: D-

2016 Statistics: 8 G, 15 PA, .214/.267/.214, RBI (NYY)
65 G, 270 PA, .248/.337/.419, 9 HR, 41 RBI (AAA)

Following the loss of Ackley, Davis was just one of many cast-offs brought in to play first base while Mark Teixeira’s season hung in the balance. Signed by the Rangers in the offseason, he was eventually released in June before catching on with the Yankees. He spent a nondescript week in the majors before getting sent down to Scranton where he remained for the rest of the season.

Chris Parmelee

Grade: D+

2016 Statistics: 6 G, 8 PA, .500/.500/1.375, 2 HR, 4 RBI (NYY)
64 G, 245 PA, .248/.335/.449, 11 HR, 29 RBI (AAA)

Parmelee was one of those Non-Roster Invitees you never think you’re going to see in the big leagues. When Teixeira and Ackley went down with injuries, the Yankees were suddenly in need of a new first baseman. He spent a handful of games with the team, highlighted by a two-home run, three-RBI performance that really helped the Yankees out. Of course, in keeping with the theme of the 2016 season, Parmelee had his leg stepped on in his very next game and he was sidelined for two months. By the time he was healthy again he was no longer needed.

Donovan Solano

Grade: C+

2016 Statistics: 9 G, 23 PA, .227/.261/.455, HR, 2 RBI (NYY)
131 G, 546 PA, .319/.349/.436, 7 HR, 67 RBI (AAA)

Another Non-Roster Invitee, Solano was a late addition to the major league club after Starlin Castro went down with a hamstring injury in September. He served as a reliable bat in the Scranton lineup all season long, doing everything a team could ask of an organizational filler. Despite his status as a Quad-A player, he deserved the promotion, even if it was ultimately meaningless.

Eric Young

Grade: C

2016 Statistics: 6 G, 1 PA, 1 SB (NYY)
116 G, 329 PA, .263/.338/.339, 3 HR, 30 RBI, 23 SB (AAA)

Smelling a shot at the playoffs, the Yankees acquired Young to serve primarily as a pinch runner and defensive replacement. Unfortunately, the team blew any chance they had before they ever had much of a chance to use their new weapon.