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Yankees 2015 Roster Report Card: Stephen Drew

After a dreadful 2014 campaign, he finally revealed his true self: a replacement level infielder.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Grade: C-

2015 Statistics: 131 G, .201/.271/.381, 17 HR, 44 RBI, 0.2 fWAR

2016 Contract Status: Free agent

Stephen Drew had a decent year in 2013, including a championship, but then followed that up with the worst year of his career. I think there was a wide consensus, at least in the blogosphere, that he wasn't nearly as bad as his 2014 would say. One could argue early this year that while he wouldn't be as good as he was in 2013, he would certainly be better than last year.

wrote in March that it was really important that he, at least, played to what his projections thought he would do. There was no clear solution at second base to start the season, and there wasn't much hope that Rob Refsnyder would be big league-ready, either. I essentially argued that the reasonable outcome would be him accumulating about a win in value, and then being replaced at some point later in the season. That did not happen.

For the second straight year, second base was a black hole. With good-but-not-great defense and a paltry 76 wRC+ over 131 games, it was really a poor showing for someone desperately trying to rebuild his value. He somehow manager to hit 17 home runs, the second most in his career, but just 16 doubles and a triple didn't add up to much. You could probably pick some end points to show that certain points in the season weren't too bad, and that's true, but I think he's now proven his worth over the past two years, in what is now a very significant sample.

This is likely Drew's last year as a Yankee; I don't see the need for someone of his caliber when it's pretty clear that the 2013 Drew is not coming back. Nonetheless, it's incredibly sad that his Yankee career will likely end due to a recurring concussion issue. I think Drew got a lot of heat from both fans and writers because of his poor play, and I think it could be justified in that he didn't even meet a very low bar of expectations from projections, even though many fans wanted so much more from him.

Replacing Robinson Cano has proven to be next to impossible without giving up a premier prospect, and the Yankees have unfortunately been forced to rely on low-cost options that likely won't pan out. I think the organization, at least given the Ben Zobrist-for-Refsnyder-and-Warren rumors, clearly was trying to relieve him of full-time responsibilities, but the right deal never arose. It's now a Brian Roberts and a Stephen Drew later, and the same problem still exists.