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Sorting out the Yankees' current 25-man roster

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees' current 25-man roster has changed once again with the signing of Stephen Drew on Tuesday night. Drew's addition likely puts an end to the hopes for Rob Refsnyder or Jose Pirela making the roster unless one of them is brought on to serve in a backup utility role. Here's how the roster currently stands with a little over a month left before spring training.

The greatest uncertainty to this point is definitely with how the bullpen will ultimately shake out. Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller will undoubtedly be working in tandem to close out the later innings, but there are a variety of rookie relievers that could force their way onto the team with a good spring training. Brian Cashman could certainly still find a low-cost veteran to fill out the bullpen, keeping the likes of Nick Rumbelow and Tyler Webb in Triple-A to start the year. Hopefully the team lets the kids give it a shot, though, since there are so many who seem ready to make the jump to the big leagues already in-house. Rumbelow and company don't have the benefit of being on the 40-man roster, which could ultimately be the reason they are kept in the minors for now. Danny Burawa and Branden Pinder already having spots on the 40 makes them slightly more likely to really compete for a spot.

Room for infielders trying to make the Opening Day roster got a bit tighter after the signing of Drew this week. Barring a trade that includes Didi Gregorius, Drew would presumably start the season as the team's second baseman. Brendan Ryan could be DFA'd to make room for Drew on the roster, but he will have the inside track to the backup role if he hangs around. That leaves potentially one extra spot open that would likely go to Jose Pirela over Rob Refsnyder for the sake of versatility. There is a chance that Austin Romine could end up as the backup catcher over John Ryan Murphy, but the latter certainly seems to be more in favor with the team. Romine is out of options, however, and the Yankees don't like losing people if they can help it. That's something to keep in mind going forward. The smart money is on Murphy, though.

All of the outfield spots seem pretty well set with the Yankees rolling the dice on Carlos Beltran being able to man right field. Who knows how long he'll actually hold up out there, which could be good news for the likes of Tyler Austin or Ramon Flores. Neither prospect is likely to force their way onto the big league team in spring training with Chris Young already fairly cemented as the fifth outfielder. An injury to Beltran or his inability to stick in the outfield for the duration of the season could mean they get the call. Refsnyder also has some experience in the outfield that could prove interesting in an emergency situation.

Garrett Jones and Alex Rodriguez are expected to share designated hitter duties, although no one really knows in what capacity at this point. If Joe Girardi decides to operate purely on splits, Jones seems likely to get the bulk of the time at DH against right-handers. He also provides a very important insurance policy for Mark Teixeira in the event that Tex's surgically repaired wrist or other ailment du jour keeps the first baseman out of the lineup. It's difficult to imagine a world in which Beltran doesn't end up eating into DH time for either player before the season is out.

Adding one maybe reliever to the left side of the chart would put the bullpen at seven and bring the total roster to 25. That means that the team could theoretically keep everyone, even Ryan and his redundancy, that is currently on the active roster while giving someone on the right side a chance as a reliever. That is all at least until Ivan Nova is ready to return, ideally somewhere around the middle of the season.

Which potential reliever do you think is most likely to land a spot in the bullpen? Do you think the team as currently constructed is the one the Yankees will go to spring training with, or do you feel like there are more moves ahead?