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Yankees DFA candidates: Eury Perez, Gonzalez Germen, Jose De Paula

The new year just started, but the Yankees already have a few DFA candidates

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the new year just started, but that doesn't mean the Yankees have a finished 40-man roster and it certainly doesn't mean that everyone on it deserves to stay there. Over the years we've seen the Yankees pick up players only to designate them for assignment before they can ever get into a game. Needs change, directions move, and now we have several DFA candidates who could meet their end any time between now and Opening Day.

The Yankees picked up Eury Perez in September after the Nationals designated him for assignment. He played a few games for New York and, only 24 years old, seemed like an interesting candidate for a backup outfielder role. At least that was until the Yankees re-signed Chris Young only two months later, traded for Garrett Jones, and decided to add Mason Williams to the 40. Now they technically have nine outfielders on the 40-man roster, and while three of them (Mason, Tyler Austin, Ramon Flores) might not be considered major league ready, the presence of Young and Jones makes him unnecessary. They could use his spot for someone a lot more important who has a lot more promise.

Gonzalez Germen was acquired from the Mets last month, but it's a little confusing as to what the Yankees really saw in him, especially if they were planning to trade Manny Banuelos for David Carpenter and Chasen Shreve only weeks later. Germen was a minor league starter that the Mets converted into a reliever, but so far he has yet to benefit from the transition. His strikeout numbers have only risen slightly, if at all, while his walk rates have suffered greatly. He wasn't exactly great as a starter either, but if we're talking about Triple-A depth, it might be more useful to try him out as a starter again. If they can sneak him through waivers he'd be a welcomed addition to a depleted Scranton rotation.

Despite being a left-handed pitcher, Jose De Paula, who has yet to make his major league debut, is better off as a Triple-A starter than any other role the Yankees might have pegged him for. At one point he might have been an interesting option as a left-handed specialist, but the presence of Justin Wilson, Andrew Miller, and Chasen Shreve now make him irrelevant. If he was signed simply to provide minor league depth, the Yankees should have no trouble finding someone better to fill his roster spot with.

The Yankees still have time to make all kinds of moves with the 40-man roster. Maybe they sign Max Scherzer and need an open roster spot, perhaps they decide to give Rob Refsnyder the second base job after an impressive spring training. Whatever ends up happening, the organization has the fodder to make things happen. It's not like we're totally loaded here and what you see if what you're going to get in April. Moves are going to be made and these three should all keep their bags packed.