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Roster move likely after Yankees' 14-inning marathon

The Yankees need a fresh arm in the bullpen after last night's extra innings loss.

Al Bello

The reoccurring theme of the season so far has been "Who will the Yankees call up to the bullpen today?" At this time last week, I speculated that either Shane Greene or Bruce Billings would be sent down, in favor of Alfredo Aceves being called up. The Yankees ended up placing Billings on the DL and called up Chris Leroux instead. After last night's game, they're in a similar position again.

Last night's fourteen inning extravaganza taxed the bullpen. Somehow, the Rays didn't run out of pitchers, despite the fact that they had played a doubleheader the day before, and the Yankees had to turn to Leroux as the lone guy left in the bullpen. He allowed five runs in the 14th inning, so it's likely that he'll be sent down in order to call up a fresh arm. Or Masahiro Tanaka will have to pitch a complete game regardless of pitch count, score, etc.

And Just Like That...

Just like last week, it seems that Alfredo Aceves should be the reliever who is added to the bullpen. He's now pitched 13.2 innings, during which he gave up 12 hits, allowed 3 earned runs, walked 5 batters, and notched 14 strikeouts to the tune of a 1.98 ERA and 1.24 WHIP. Aceves is also scheduled to pitch in Triple-A today, so his arm is fresh and ready to go. Chase Whitley remains an option as well. Through 18.2 innings, he's allowed 17 hits, 7 earned runs, walked 7 batters, and recorded 21 strikeouts. 0 HR/9, 3.4 BB/9, 10.1 K/9. Brian Gordon pitched last night, so he is not an option on today's episode of As The Bullpen Door Turns. Gordon also remains the worst option of the three relievers, which makes it for the best that he won't be available to pitch for several days.

Do you think we'll finally see Aceves called up, or that the Yankees will call up Whitley (or someone else altogether)?