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Yankees Analysis

The Anthony Rizzo deal only helps the Yankees

The Italian first baseman is back in The Bronx, and every Yankees fan should be happy (and relieved).

The silver lining from Gerrit Cole’s 2022 season

The Yankee ace had a frustrating year, but he showed plenty of reason to be optimistic for the future.

Would a healthy Yankees offense have competed with the Astros?

The Yankees lineup was extremely balanced before the injuries came.

The Yankees’ five luckiest hits of 2022

Luck is important, and not always bad; when did the Yanks get their most favorable bounces in 2022?

Which Yankees pitchers will need to speed it up with the new pitch clock coming?

The pitch clock will force Yankees pitchers to change their pre-pitch routines.

The Yankees’ five unluckiest outs of 2022

Bad luck is an integral part of baseball, let’s look at when it hit the 2022 Yankees the hardest.

Looking back on the most tense moments of the 2022 season

A review of some of the most frazzling, high-wire game endings of 2022, with an assist from Leverage Index.

The Yankees have viable internal options to replace Donaldson

Donaldson was a slick defender, but his offensive upside is severely limited at this point.

Yet another way Aaron Judge made history in 2022

Stumbling across another set of stats that haven’t been matched since the days of Mickey Mantle.

The 10 best pitches of the 2022 season

This staff has some of the best offerings in the entire game.

Reasons for optimism with Frankie Montas

The deadline acquisition struggled after arriving in New York, but he can still be an excellent pitcher.

The Yankees may have found a special outfielder in Oswaldo Cabrera

Statcast suggests the Yankees have an elite glove hiding in a place they didn’t expect.

The Yankees’ best 2022 starts according to Game Score

Looking back at some of the best performances by Yankees starting pitchers this past season.

The Yankees’ top five plays of the 2022 season by WPA

Remembering when Yankees hitters found victory at extremely unlikely times.

2022 Yankees Most Valuable Player: Aaron Judge

To the surprise of absolutely no one, we have come to consensus on the Yankees’ 2022 MVP.

The Yankees’ pitching staff did its job in Houston

While far from perfect, the Yankees’ pitchers were strong in the first two games of the ALCS.

Will Josh Donaldson make an adjustment before it’s too late?

The former slugger needs to make a change while facing the high velocity right-handed Astros pitching.

Jameson Taillon: Gold Glover?

Taillon has been nominated for a Gold Glove award; how has he gotten here and does he deserve to win?

The Yankees’ offense has gone in the tank at the worst possible time

The Guardians and Astros’ pitching staffs have made Yankees hitters look helpless.

There’s no such thing as a cheap home run

A look at the hitters most likely to take advantage of ALCS ballpark oddities.

DJ LeMahieu’s importance to the Yankees

LeMahieu is the key to the Yankees’ ability to succeed.

Cole’s knuckle-curve stifled Guards in Game 1, just like 2020

Gerrit Cole’s knuckle-curve was his best pitch in Game 1, and it wasn’t the first time he beat Cleveland in that manner.

Break in case of emergency: Yankees panic bullpen options

If a game turns wrong, what are the options that the Yankees have in their bullpen?

How can Yankees hitters beat Bieber in the playoffs again?

The Yankees faced Game 2 opponent Shane Bieber in the playoffs just two years ago. What worked then and how could it help now?

How the rainout will affect the rest of the ALDS

Both pitching staffs must weather the storm of a condensed schedule.

What can Sevy learn from Cole’s outing against Cleveland?

The Guardians will be hunting fastballs against Severino.

How Cole and the Yankees avoided the big inning in Game 1

The Guardians were poised to break open Game 1 early. Despite being prone to big innings this year, the ace locked it down.

How the Yankees bullpen successfully defied skeptics in the ALDS opener

Jonathan Loáisiga, Wandy Peralta, and Clay Holmes all offered encouraging signs in Game 1 against Cleveland.

Nestor Cortes is a great matchup for the Guardians offense

The Yankees will turn to Cortes to get a win in the Bronx.

Peraza should be on the postseason roster over Gonzalez

Despite a lack of tenure, the results are there to suggest Peraza should be on the postseason roster.

The keys for Gerrit Cole in Game 1 of the ALDS

How the Yankees can maximize Gerrit Cole against the Guardians.

Matt Carpenter’s role in the postseason

Carpenter is a near-lock to be on the Yankees’ playoff roster, so how should they deploy him?