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Yankees Analysis

Tracking some intriguing Yankees spring training developments

As always, the Yankees’ pitching development is looking quite promising, and that’s not all.

Clarke Schmidt’s new cutter gives him a leg-up

The new pitch is returning promising early results this spring.

How three relievers can optimize the Yankee rotation

There are options abound as a trio of arms can work more than one inning.

Yankees Missed At-Bat of the Week: Aaron Hicks (7/29)

Hicks’ patience paid off in this bases-loaded walk from last July.

The Yankees may not have addressed their lineup enough

The Yankees got Aaron Judge back, but did they do enough to get support him in the lineup?

Yankees Missed At-Bat of the Week: Jose Trevino (6/22)

Trevino gave the Yanks a late lead with this two-run dinger.

What to expect in Aaron Judge’s “year after”

How did the 60-home run club do in their follow-up campaign?

Surprising springs: A cautionary tale of unlikely Yankees performances

As the annual exhibition games approach, a friendly reminder that while it’s fun to speculate, strong springs don’t always portend success.

Are any remaining free agent starters worth the Yankees’ time?

There aren’t a ton, a few free agent pitchers could be options to fill the back of the Yankees’ rotation.

Why the Yankees’ projected win total sits a little low, for now

Let’s dive into the context around a seemingly pessimistic ZiPS projection.

Potential Yankees bullpen candidates from the non-roster invitee list

The Yankees lost some bullpen arms this offseason, so of the NRIs, who is best positioned to get some time in the major leagues?

Yankees Transaction Trees: Justin Wilson (and Chad Green)

The Yankees were party to three separate trades involving the lefty specialist Wilson, but the most meaningful one included the recently-departed Green.

IKF, high accuracy, and low precision in defensive stats

What the rampant disagreement over the shortstop’s glove tells us about the nature of fielding metrics.

Yankees Transaction Trees: Luke Voit

At one point, the Yankees appeared to be the clear winners of the Luke Voit trade. Now, a reliever they gave up has out-earned him.

Yankees Missed At-Bat of the Week: Joey Gallo (6/9)

This at-bat was a nice showcase of Gallo’s top two skills.

Reining in expectations for Harrison Bader

He had a terrific postseason, but offensive expectations should be kept reasonable for Bader.

How Ron Marinaccio can become a reliable weapon for the Yankees

The right-handed changeup artist is a good reliever, but can become truly dominant with health and decrease in walks.

Yankees Transaction Trees: Dillon Tate

It’s easy to forget that the talented right-hander spent two years in the Yankees’ minor league system.

Aaron Hicks as starting left fielder is fine, for now

Aaron Hicks is much maligned for his poor production since 2019, but at this point, giving him one more chance is beneficial on a number of levels for the 2023 Yankees.

The biggest wild cards on the 2023 Yankees (according to ZiPS)

Exploring the Yankees’ biggest boom-or-bust candidates this season.

Yankees Missed At-Bat of the Week: Matt Carpenter (5/31)

This was one of the first of many home runs from Carpenter in 2022.

Jose Trevino’s second half may be the reality

The catcher was a pleasant surprise, but his successful stretches were likely the outlier.

Ben Rortvedt enters a big year in his Yankees career

The catcher offers more offensive upside than both Jose Trevino and Kyle Higashioka. Will he be able to reach his ceiling?

Mariners outright Justus Sheffield, centerpiece of two Yankees’ blockbusters

Despite appearing just three times for the Yankees’ major league squad, Sheffield helped the club maximize their return for relief ace Andrew Miller.

The path to Cooperstown for some Yankees stars

Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, and Giancarlo Stanton could have legitimate shots at Cooperstown.

Yankees Missed At-Bat of the Week: Giancarlo Stanton (5/10)

This game was filled with great at-bats from Yankees hitters.

Clayton Beeter: Yankees multi-inning monster?

The argument for letting Clayton Beeter cut the line to the Yankee bullpen.

Warren, Phelps, and the path of a pitching prospect

The two right-handers traversed a few different roles throughout their careers. What can their journeys tell us about their transitions?

Yankees Missed Sequence of the Week: Loáisga still has the juice (8/1)

Why the young reliever’s 2022 ERA shouldn’t be anyone’s concern moving forward.

Yankees Missed At-Bat of the Week: DJ LeMahieu (5/10)

Like many of his at-bats, this one is well worthy of recollection.

How Aaron Boone can get the most out of IKF’s bat

Searching for matchups the light-hitting infielder can handle

Regular season success in the Bronx hasn’t translated to the postseason

The Yankees have won the second-most games in the majors since 2009, the year of their last title, but have yet to win it all again. What gives?