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If Monday night’s game left a sour taste in your mouth, hopefully, Tuesday’s cleansed things a bit. The Yankees got a super impressive glimpse from prospect Luis Gil and pounded the Orioles to give themselves a shot at another series win. They’re in position to secure that win as they’ll throw Jameson Taillon, July’s AL Pitcher of the Month, to the mound, while Baltimore will respond with Matt Harvey, who’s been battered to the tune of a 6.20 ERA this year. It’s hard to get a wider mismatch on paper, and the Yankees will need to capitalize.

On the site, we’ve got a murderer’s row of J’s. John argues that the Yankees must extend Joey Gallo and Aaron Judge, Jesse discusses the Yankees’ leadoff problem, and Josh introduces a new site feature, the PSA pregame Twitter spaces show.

Today’s Matchup:

New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles

Time: 7:05 p.m. ET

TV: YES Network, MASN

Radio: WFAN 660/101.9 FM, WADO 1280

Venue: Yankee Stadium

Fun Questions:

1. Is Luis Gil the Yankees’ best prospect this side of Jasson Dominguez?

2. What’s more likely, the Yankees win the 2021 World Series, or an animal interrupts another Yankees game this year?


1. Yes. 1) Dominguez, 2) Gil, 3) Volpe.

2) Yankees win the 2021 World Series.

1. I’d put Peraza 2nd right now he’s definitely top 5 though. The stuff is very impressive and he was controlling it last night but we know from his milb #’s that’s not always the case. It’s just such a hard transition, we all loved what we saw from Deivi last year and look at him now.

2. Animal. I’ve got Gorilla at 500:1.

1. I hope he’s the 2nd best prospect. I need to believe last night is going to repeat itself a bunch of times. Then again, I guess it would be even better if he repeats that performance and is only 4th or 5th best prospect. That would mean we could expect to see someone better. Let’s not get greedy though. I really like Peraza, but I’ll drop him to third after last night . It’ll give him some extra motivation to keep climbing.

2. Considering we still have some games left against the Red Sux, I have to say animals interrupting a game is much more likely. Everyone knows they’re a bunch of cheetahs!

Thanks,…I’ll be here all week!

"Thanks,...I'll be here all week!"...

Is that a warning, a threat? Actually, I did like that ‘cheetahs!’ bit.

1) Well, obviously he's the best of who's ready

so there’s that. Whether you can call him the 2nd best…..who knows? At the very least, unlike Severino, Gil seems to just reach back and hit the high 90s without much effort. Sevy is a max effort guy so it seemed like it was inevitable he’d have injury trouble.

2) Animal, definitely. 100-1 its a pigeon.

What’s more likely, the Yankees win the 2021 World Series, or an animal interrupts another Yankees game this year?

It's hard to run against the Tigers

  1. Recency bias rules the day: Gil.
  2. by animal, do we include some shirtless, drunken jackass from Yonkers who made a bet with his dimwit cousin?

After working 18 months in yonkers

Yes it counts and I’d put it at even money

Maybe we see waldichuk or deivi as well since it feels like taillion is the last man standing at this point…

Volpe is the clear #2.

I guess once the experts redo their lists people will believe it.

1. Gotta be Volpe no doubt about it, teams were asking about him during the deadline

2. Animal…I will go with a safe bet and say a sewer rat

1. need to see more from Gil, it was only the Orioles , though he did a good job
2. rat, mouse, even the cat could come back

Cole Hamels to the Dodgers…While I wouldn’t have wanted that to be our big trade deadline move, I wouldn’t have minded getting him for $200k per start.

Hamels to the Dodgers

Dodgers today are the Yankees from years ago, they want to win at all cost , specially getting good pitchers, which in my opinion is what wins short wild card series and championship games
Bauer goes south , they continue to get pitchers , Scherzer and now Hamels

Oh, didn’t realize the Yankees avoid Logan Gilbert against the M’s next series! That’s good.

(He’s pitching against the Rays right now)

Not a mismatch at all. Don’t be fooled by Harvey’s high ERA. He hasn’t given up a run, earned or otherwise, in his last three starts totaling 18 and 1/3 innings pitched.

He’s won all three and given up only 10 hits and one walk. The teams he beat aren’t offensive juggernauts – Washington, KC and Detroit -, but neither are we. This will not be an easy game. He hasn’t struck out a lot of batter, but to have a scoreless streak like that you have to be doing something right.

Aaron who?

Aaron Hicks says he should be able to have a mostly normal offseason and be good to go for spring training. Mentioned about how frustrating the injuries have been for him, how he just wants to be healthy and contribute


Contribute? poor guy is pretty much done I think , we got Gardner already for over the hill guys

Sanchez looked good last night. I guess that’s why he’s sitting. I seriously want Gardner to retire and see Florial in CF.
If Florial doesn’t get a chance to develop, I believe Pereira will move right past. He is on his third level in like a month.

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