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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 17: Centaur of attention

Greg, Tanya, Jason, and Andrew talk about the trade deadline, the (allegedly) soon-to-come Biogenesis suspension for A-Rod, and the horrible catching situation.

Robbie Grossman just wants to feel the greatness of Hoes.
Robbie Grossman just wants to feel the greatness of Hoes.
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Will we still be discussing Alex Rodriguez next week? Oh you can bet we will. We probably will still be discussing it on Episode 100 as Bud Selig postpones another retirement to further deliberate A-Rod's suspension while a tipster reports that A-Rod is photographed eating a hamburger.

[0:45] All about A-Rod and upcoming Biogenesis suspensions; effects of a plea bargain?
[10:07] How Ryan Braun's admission killed any defense
[16:27] Trade Deadline wrap-up: Bud Norris, Jake Peavy, and the unmoveable Phil Hughes
[30:45] The sad tale of Francisco Cervelli
[33:50] Chris Stewart vs. Austin Romine vs. J.R. Murphy
[38:19] On CC Sabathia's struggles
[44:56] We love Hiroki Kuroda
[48:35] Derek Jeter's return
[53:08] Tweetbag: Pineda's return, non-Mo/Jeter/Torre future Yankee Hall of Famers, and who the Yankees should have tried to acquire

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