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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 27: Now breaking and entering... Derek Jeter

The Yankees threw some money at Derek Jeter for funsies. How should the Yankees tackle the rest of the off-season?

Jason Miller

The 2013 season finally came to an official close, and now the Yankees can actually start their off-season revamp in preparation for a comeback 2014. How does the podcast team feel about the upcoming craziness? Who should they sign? Did Chris Stewart REALLY get dehydrated in 2013? Listen to find out.

[3:07] Derek Jeter gets a raise... for something
[13:19] Brendan Ryan should kneel before the Yankees
[16:02] Chris Stewart might have died in 2013...
[18:26] Anyone want to hide Greg Bird for the holidays?
[21:17] Third base in 2014: A-Rod? Reynolds? Uribe? ...Nunez?!
[28:24] On the qualifying offer to Curtis Granderson and bitching about Ichiro
[31:33] Michael Pineda needs to be on a milk carton
[34:42] Will the Yankees go after Carlos Beltran and lose the #18 draft pick?
[36:25] Free agents and Cano's monster contract--will he be paid with Yankee Stadium?
[41:35] Tanaka: can we get him
[43:10] Tweetbag: Signing relievers, the effect of A-Rod's appeal on free agency pursuits, "Davis Freese," psych-up music
[55:32] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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