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Community Guidelines

The Pinstriped Bible is both a publication about the New York Yankees and a community of fans. We are looking for mature, intelligent and friendly discussion about the Yankees, baseball in general, and whatever subjects might pique the community's interest. We expect mature and respectful conversation. We don't want juvenile name-calling here, sexual references or other vulgarity.

Comments that are inappropriate to the advancement of the site and the enjoyment of the community will be deleted. If you can't follow the guidelines as they are presented, don't comment. If you are already a member, take the guidelines to heart and make this an enjoyable place. Please make sure your comments and FanPosts or FanShots are well thought out, and that they make the site a better read.

The Guidelines

  • Vulgarity & Profanity: There is no place for vulgarity here. You may think you are being funny, in reality that stuff is just crude and immature. As for profanity, please keep it to a minimum. Profanity-filled tirades and cursing just for the sake of cursing will not be tolerated.
  • Be Respectful: We each have the right to our own opinions, and we have the right to express them in a thoughtful, intelligent manner. If you can't take people disagreeing with you, don't give an opinion in the first place. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. No name-calling, no telling people they know nothing about baseball. State your argument in an intelligent way and use facts to back it up. If you can't do this, don't comment. If you cross this line, you won't be here.
  • Trolls: Fans of other teams do visit the Pinstriped Bible, and they have the right to comment -- provided they live by our rules and act in a mature manner. If a troll comes to the PB and comments inappropriately, please do not respond and egg him or her on. Do not drag the site down. Simply 'flag' the comment as inappropriate and let us deal with it. Or, e-mail the site manager or one of our writers (their e-mail addresses are in their profiles), and we will handle it.
  • Trolling: Basically, the same applies if you visit other SB Nation sites. Our rules are in effect. Remember that you represent the PB when you are visiting another site, and that your behavior reflects on our community. You are expected to make your arguments in a thoughtful, intelligent way and be respectful of the fact that yours will be the minority opinion. If you don't think you can hold your emotions in check and comment maturely, then don't comment on other blogs.
  • Advertising: If you post simply to sell a product or promote your own Web site those posts will be deleted. That is classic trolling. You will also be banned if it is obvious you signed up specifically for this purpose.
  • Racism/Sexism/Politics: No political discussion please, unless you're posting in an off-topic thread where the writer is encouraging it. In regards to racism and sexism, in particular, there is no place for it anywhere. It absolutely won't be tolerated here.
  • Plagiarism: If you find an article you want to share do not simply copy and paste it into a FanPost or Fanshot. Use a small piece of it and link to it. Or, simply link to it. Don't steal other people's work -- we don't want any legal difficulties.
  • Newcomers: Be welcoming of newcomers. They may not be as hip, smart, and cool as you, but given time they will be. This is a web site, not a fraternity hazing.

In short, be mature while you are here at the PB and other SB Nation sites. While we're here, we're all friends. If you are at other sites, represent this one with class and maturity.