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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 8/8/13

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Yesterday on Pinstriped Bible

Around the Internet

  • Wall Street Journal | Daniel Barbarisi: Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, and Joe Girardi led a team meeting in the hopes of inspiring the team and winning.
  • Fangraphs | Matt Klaassen: Hiroki Kuroda might not get much of a look for Cy Young contention, but he definitely deserves consideration.
  • SB Nation MLB | Marc Normandin: Chicago fans cheered when Alex Rodriguez was hit by a pitch, but they need to boo louder because it's not discouraging him any.
  • New York Post | Joel Sherman: Alex Rodriguez might not be fighting for player rights, but appealing such a suspension can bring strength to the union.
  • It's About the Money | Brad Vietrogoski: Francisco Cervelli accepting his 50-game suspension ends another, and possibly his last, season of disappointment in the Yankees system
  • It's About the Money | Michael Eder: Despite some people worrying about David Robertson as a closer, it looks like he'll have no problem in the role.
  • LoHud | Chad Jennings: Alex Rodriguez will not fight over whether he took PEDs during his appeal, instead he'll be focusing on simply cutting down the extent of the suspension.
  • USA Today | Bob Nightengale: MLB begins its investigation into the ACES agency for their alleged connection to Biogenesis and performance enhancing drugs.
  • It's About the Money | Michel Eder: Michael Kay has been out of control in his criticism of Robinson Cano's lack of hustle, but he's the only Yankee that has managed to stay healthy, so maybe he's doing something right.
  • | Joey Nowak: The return of Alex Rodriguez brings a much needed update at third base, but Brian Cashman will continue to keep an eye on the trade market.

Quick Hits

  • Last night was the first game the Yankees scored four runs in one game on this road trip.

Questions of the Day

  • Do Dustin Pedroia's and Chase Utley's extension help or hurt Robinson Cano's free agent market?
  • What has been the best Mo gift so far this season?
  • What is the most terrifying animal in the world?
  • If the moon was colonized would you ever want to live there?

Coming Up Today

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  • MLB's Other Problem: Umpires @ 11 am
  • How bad are the Yankees at developing young pitchers? Part Three @ 3 pm