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Biogenesis suspensions coming Sunday or Monday


It was believed that MLB would announce the Biogenesis suspensions on Friday, however, it now looks like that will be pushed back yet again to within the next 72 hours. The deadline for players to accept their suspensions is on Monday, so allowing them the time to discuss their legal options before everything goes public makes sense. MLB is likely to make two different announcements: one for the list of players who have agreed to a settlement and one for the players who will be suspended and have the right to appeal.

There now appears to be 13 other players that are waiting to hear about their punishment and most are expected to agree to a settlement that would keep them out for the rest of the season. Joel Sherman says the announcements could come on Sunday because it would be the last moment possible before the season meets the 50-game mark. Players like Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta could then still rejoin their team for the playoffs.

He also hears that Alex Rodriguez is still dead set on appealing any punishment that is levied against him. If A-Rod is suspended on Monday and appeals, he could then play later that night with the Yankees.

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