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Biogenesis: Alex Rodriguez expects to appeal MLB suspension

Otto Greule Jr

Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball are still far apart on a suspension agreement. Two sources have said that the two sticking points are A-Rod's desire to retain some of the $100 million he is still owed and the wide gap in suspension time that both parties are willing to accept. With no deal in place it looks like he will be appealing any punishment that MLB lays on him. He has already contacted the law firm of Cohen, Weiss, and Simon in preparation of the upcoming legal battle.

Sources close to A-Rod have said all along that he intends to fight any potential suspension, especially if a lifetime ban is thrown around. The other players that were linked to Biogenesis are expected to agree to 50-game suspensions, but MLB is looking to hit A-Rod with a minimum150-game suspension.

MLB has not involved the Yankees in the conversation because it believes the punishment of Alex Rodriguez has nothing to do with with the contract he has with the team. A-Rod will be able to play while his appeal is heard, since he is a first time offender, though, Bud Selig could claim that he is damaging the integrity of the game and keep him off the field. If he is able to play he could rejoin the team on Monday.

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