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International free agents signing day tracker


July 2 marks the beginning of the international free agent signing period, where athletes from outside the United States can sign with MLB teams as long as they are 16 years of age. Teams now need to stick to slotted pool space when allocating money for their signings so that bad teams get to spend more and good teams have to spend less. The Yankees have one of the lower pools in baseball this season with only $1.8 million allotted to them in 2013. They can trade for more pool space, like the Rangers, Orioles, and Dodgers did, in order to spend more money, but so far that hasn't happened and it looks like they're going to miss out on the international market as teams have already snatched up many of the best prospects from the Caribbean, South America, and Central America.

Baseball America's top 30 international prospects:

1. Eloy Jimenez, of, Dominican Republic
2. Gleyber Torres, ss, Venezuela Cubs for $1.7M
3. Rafael Devers, 3b, Dominican Republic Red Sox for $1.5M
4. Luis Encarnacion, 3b, Dominican Republic
5. Leonardo Molina, cf, Dominican Republic
6. Marcos Diplan, rhp, Dominican Republic Rangers for $1.3M
7. Yeyson Yrizarri, ss, Venezuela/Dominican Republic Rangers for $1.35M
8. Yeltsin Gudino, ss, Venezuela signed by Blue Jays
9. Micker Zapata, of, Dominican Republic White Sox for $1.6M
10. Jose Herrera, c, Venezuela Diamondbacks for $1M
11. Carlos Herrera, ss, Venezuela Rockies for $1M
12. Marten Gasparini, ss, Italy Royals for $1.3M
13. Erick Julio, rhp, Colombia Rockies for $700K
14. Jesus Lopez, ss, Nicaragua Athletics for $960K
15. Lewin Diaz, of/1b, Dominican Republic Twins for $1.4M
16. Erling Moreno, rhp, Colombia Cubs for $800K
17. Carlos Hiciano, ss, Dominican Republic Athletics for $750K
18. Freddy Rodriguez, of, Venezuela signed by Blue Jays
19. Mayky Perez, rhp, Dominican Republic
20. Nicolas Pierre, of, Dominican Republic Brewers for $800K
21. Greifer Andrade, of, Venezuela Mariners for $1.05M
22. Cristhian Vasquez, of, Venezuela Royals for $775K
23. Jen-Ho Tseng, rhp, Taiwan
24. Wilson Amador, ss, Dominican Republic
25. Ali Sanchez, c, Venezuela Mets for $690K
26. Michael de Leon, ss, Dominican Republic signed by Rangers
27. Ricardo Sanchez, lhp, Venezuela Red Sox for $580K
28. Carlos Talavera, of, Venezuela Cardinals for $500K
29. Anderson Franco, 3b, Dominican Republic
30. Luis Carpio, ss, Venezuela

Those listed as some of the top talent over at Minor League Ball:

14. The Rangers signed outfielder Jose Almonte (DR) for $1.8M

22. The Dodgers signed shortstop Lucas Tirado (DR) for $1M

36. The Astros signed shortstop Joan Mauricio (DR) for $600K

38. The Astros signed outfielder Nestor Tejada (VZ)

44. The Cardinals outfielder Carlos Talavera (VZ) for $500K

47. The Red Sox signed outfielder Yohan Aybar for $450K

48. The Yankees signed shortstop Yonauris Rodriguez (DR) for $575K

49. The Red Sox signed left-handed pitcher Emmanuel DeJesus (VZ) for $780K

Other Signings:

The Padres signed shortstop Ruddy Girón (DR) for $600K

The Mets signed right-handed pitcher Luis Silva (VZ) $275K

The Diamondbacks signed outfielder Francis Martinez (DR) for $350K and third baseman Josue Herrera for $150K

The Indians signed outfielder Junior Soto (DR) $600K

The Tigers signed catcher Elys Escobar (VZ) for $350K

The Brewers signed catcher Johel Atencio (PAN) for $130K

The Cardinals signed right-hander Sandy Alcantara (DR) for $150K

The Cubs signed right-handed pitcher Jefferson Mejia (DR) for $850K

The Tigers signed shortstop Hector Martinez (DR) for $400K

The Mets signed shortstop Yeffry de Aza (DR) for $475K

The Cardinals signed shortstop Hector Linares (DR) for $400K

The Cardinals signed left-handed pitcher Kerrion Bennett (NIC) for $30K

The Astros signed shortstop/outfielder Osvaldo Duarte (DR)

The Astros signed shortstop/catcher Jonathan Matute (VZ) for $245K

The Marlins signed catcher Onil Pena (DR) for $385K

The Indians signed shortstop Wily Castro (DR) for $850K

The Brewers signed shortstop Franly Mallen (DR)

The Brewers signed shortstop Henry Correa (DR)

The Brewers signed right-handed pitcher Nelson Hernandez (VZ)

The Padres signed right-handed pitcher Jaimito Lebron $410K

The Mariners signed outfielder Ronald Rosario (DR)

The Blue Jays signed shortstop Jesus Ramirez (DR)

The Blue Jays signed shortstop Miguel Almonte (DR)

The Phillies signed outfielder Edwin Rodriguez (DR)

The Twins signed third baseman Roni Tapia (DR) for $550K

The Diamondbacks signed shortstop Jose Gomez (VZ)

The Rays signed catcher Rafelin Guzman (DR) for $250K

The Cubs signed catcher Johan Matos (DR) for $270K