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Robinson Cano wins Silver Slugger Award for second base

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

At least one Yankee has come away with an award this season. Long considered New York's only chance to win anything this season, Robinson Cano missed out on a Gold Glove Award, but now he has won the Silver Slugger Award for 2013.

He led all qualified American League second basemen with a .314/.383/.516 triple slash, 27 home runs, 107 RBI, 142 wRC+, and 6.0 WAR. This is his fifth Silver Slugger and fourth in a row (winning in 2006, 2010-2013), proving that he just might be the best offensive second baseman in baseball. He's also expected to finish somewhere in the top five to ten in the MVP voting as well. Hardware like this can only help in his free agent quest for $300 $200 million contract.

No other Yankees were likely to win at any other position, seeing as how first baseman Mark Teixeira, outfielder Curtis Granderson, third baseman Alex Rodriguez, and shortstop Derek Jeter were all limited decimated by injuries throughout the season.

The other AL winners are David Ortiz, Joe Mauer, Chris Davis, J.J. Hardy, Miguel Cabrera, Torii Hunter, Adam Jones, and Mike Trout.

Paul Goldschmidt, Matt Carpenter, Ian Desmond, Pedro Alvarez, Yadier Molina, Jay Bruce, Michael Cuddyer, Andrew McCutchen, and Zack Greinke won for the National League.

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