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Yankees make official offer to Joe Girardi

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have officially made an offer for Joe Girardi to manage the New York Yankees in 2014 and, presumably, beyond. We don't know the actual number yet, but there should be a decision coming very soon on whether or not he will accept it. The thought is that it will be a significant deal, one to "give him a real good reason to stay," as Brian Cashman previously stated.

According to a source, Mark Feinsand is saying that the deal would make him the second highest paid manager in baseball. The highest paid manager, Mike Sciosca, makes $5 million a year, so if Girardi is getting a raise it will probably end up being a $4-$4.5 million a year. The Yankees will likely stay with the pattern they have shown and keep it over three years. A three-year $12-$13 million contract sounds about right.

Girardi's current three-year, $9 million contract will expire at the end of the month, so the Yankees will keep their exclusive negotiating time to try to either hammer out a deal or determine that he doesn't want to return. The Cubs have been connected to him for awhile, the Reds just fired manager Dusty Baker, and there are rumors that the Nationals could be interested in signing Girardi. But they'll all have to wait until November 1 or when the Yankees allow him to interview with other clubs.

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