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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 10/28/13

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Yankees News

  • New York Daily News | Michael O'Keefe: Alex Rodriguez's legal battle might bring Carlos Delgado into the fray as MLB tries to discover A-Rod's relationship with HGH doctor Anthony Galea.
  • New York Post | Ken Davidoff: Bud Selig is very comfortable with the way MLB acquired evidence against Alex Rodriguez, even as their methods are now being put up to scrutiny.
  • Fansided | Bryan Rose: Jay-Z gave his first client, Robinson Cano, some very expensive birthday gifts.
  • The Washington Times | Ronald Blum: This is the first time since the 1999 World Series between the Yankees and Braves that the two best teams in baseball made it to the top.
  • New York Post | Joel Sherman: The Yankees will have to weigh Stephen Drew's terrible postseason if they want to sign him in the offseason.
  • Baseball America | Matt Eddy: The Yankees have re-signed Carmen Angelini to a minor league contract and Addison Maruszak will replace Tyler Austin on the Scottsdale Scorpions roster.

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