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Yankees fire strength and conditioning coach following rash of injuries in 2013

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Someone was going to have to answer for all the injuries that the Yankees suffered in 2013, on top of the fact that many of those injuries came with setback after setback. Dana Cavalea, strength and conditioning coach since 2007, was fired by the Yankees in a move that cannot be unrelated, according to Joel Sherman.

Old players are going to get injured and that's to be expected, but the fact that seemingly every injured Yankee experienced a serious setback or multiple setbacks has to be questioned by the team. Whether they were rushed back to the field or not properly tended to in the first place, someone needed to be held responsible for the large chunks of time that multiple players missed in 2013. It seems like a lot of people expected it to be the strength and conditioning coach, or someone in a job along those lines, all along.

Hopefully the team actually identified a problem instead of just blindly firing the first person who handles injuries they could find. If the coach was the problems, by all means, he deserved to go. If it's a matter of players wanting to get back to the field quicker than they should, that will also need to be addressed. It also wouldn't hurt to see if the rehab process can be improved to better test an injury on a player's way back to the field. Maybe the methods implemented are insufficient for a player to feel like they are 100% ready to head back to playing full time. Or maybe they feel strong enough in their rehab outings but are insufficiently prepared for the rigors of returning to the field at full speed. Whatever it is, what they did in 2013 didn't work and a change was needed.

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