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Excerpts from Brian Cashman's press conference

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Cashman had his end of the season press conference to talk about the 2013 Yankees, the offseason, and what personnel decisions they are likely to make.

He stated that he will begin negotiations with Joe Girardi's agent and is hoping that he can be convinced to come back. He would not say anything about whether or not the Cubs will be allowed to interview him for their managerial opening. When Girardi's contract situation is dealt with he hopes to have the entire coaching staff back in 2014.

Cashman addressed the Yankees payroll going forward and repeated the fact that Plan 189 is a goal and not a mandate. He said there are benefits to the $189 payroll plan, like allowing more financial flexibility and assuring that the money goes to personnel rather than taxes.

The Steinbrenners still want the team to compete, so if options present themselves they could go after a player who can help them win a World Series. They could have allowed the team to flounder, but instead allowed Cashman to trade for the likes of Vernon Wells and Alfonso Soriano.

The season was derailed by decision making and injuries, but he blames himself and no one else. He failed to find significant power to replace all the injuries and home runs they would surely lose. He tends to gravitate toward hitters with power and plate discipline, but it became impossible to find players that match this description as the season went on.

They need to improve the rotation and the left side of the infield in the offseason. He hopes to get not just younger backups, but also better quality players too.

Brian Cashman wants Robinson Cano back, believing he has a chance to be the first Dominican player in Monument Park. He referred to Hiroki Kuroda as the team's ace this season and wants him back, but they'll have to wait to see what he decides to do for next season.

He doesn't expect CC Sabathia's velocity to return to what it once was, but his peripheral stats are all in line with his career norms, so if he can minimize the home runs he should be ok.

Mark Teixeira will be ready for spring training, but since he usually gets off to a slow start, he will have to shake off a considerable amount of rust now that he's missed an entire season.

The Yankees hope to have Derek Jeter back as the player they expect him to be. He will either be a shortstop or a DH, and Cashman's view of the designated hitter spot is as a way to give players some rest, so the idea of Jeter becoming the everyday DH is not likely.

They are operating under the assumption that Alex Rodriguez will be with the team in 2014 until a decision in his appeal hearing proves otherwise.

Michael Pineda had a good first season back from injury and was shutdown as a healthy pitcher at the end of the year, as was prescribed. He will get a chance to compete for a rotation spot in the spring, but will need to prove that he can remain healthy.

He believes that they have had a difficult time with the draft, but believes that they did a good job this year. No personnel changes have been made or will be announced until after Cashman meets with his scouts.

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