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Aaron Boone sends Yankees to the World Series ten-year anniversary

"Ghosts will show up eventually."

Ten years ago today, Aaron Boone stepped to the plate against Tim Wakefield to complete a Yankee comeback in Game Seven of the ALCS with a home run on the first pitch that would put the Yankees in the World Series. Boone's home run is probably the greatest baseball memory I have that didn't involve watching the Yankees clinch a World Series title and it seems incredible to me that it's already been ten years.

Moments like that remind me, even after a season as disappointing as 2013, why I love this team so much. It's impossible to watch that video and not get goosebumps or remember exactly where I was when I saw it happen live. For every moment of disappointment, there are so many amazing baseball memories over the years and they help balance out the 2008s and 2013s in my mind.

So, here's to you, Aaron bleepin' Boone. Thanks for sending us all home happy ten years ago.

What moment in Yankee history stands out as your favorite? Is it even possible to pick just one?