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Yankees Business

Stories about Yankee ownership's business adventures.

How will Judge’s contract impact Cashman’s spending room?

The answer lies in Hal Steinbrenner’s willingness to surpass the second luxury tax threshold.

Where do the Yankees rank relative to the league in reinvesting revenue into payroll?

The Yankees’ profit margins look great compared to the rest of the league.

Are the Yankees reinvesting enough revenue into team payroll?

While payroll has stagnated, the Yankees revenue has exploded.

What does Yankees’ Rizzo trade mean for Voit and future moves?

Brian Cashman convinced Texas and Chicago to foot the luxury tax bill, so there may be further moves on the horizon

Is Yankees’ deadline business finished now after adding Gallo?

The Gallo acquisition pushes the Yankees close to the luxury tax threshold, but the Rangers will help Hal Steinbrenner out.

Did the new Yankee Stadium disincentivize the Yankees?

New stadiums are such profit centers for MLB teams, they make winning less important — even for the Yankees.

What if MLB players could be owners?

A thought experiment from the bowels of Slack.

Amazon finally dips its toes into Yankee broadcasts — what’s next?

A total of 21 games will be streamed regionally by the YES Network part-owner.

The House that Bookies Built: How the Yanks can leverage a new gambling frontier

A possible 11-figure marketplace, sports gambling is set to be the next major revenue stream for MLB

Why MLB shouldn’t cancel the 2020 Draft outright

Canceling the 2020 MLB Draft outright would be a big mistake

How fans can help keep the Yankees and MLB from a work stoppage

Fans have given front offices and ownership their support to not spend money.

How does the sale of the YES Network affect Yankees fans?

On Thursday, the Yankees, Amazon, and Sinclair entered a partnership to buy the YES Network from Disney.

Yankees Arbitration Primer 2019: Projected salaries and non-tenders

Who will be tendered a contract from the Yankees this offseason, and who won’t?

A review of the new food options at Yankee Stadium

My review on some of the new food options for this year

A review of the new social gatherings at Yankee Stadium for the 2017 season

The official unveiling of the new additions to Yankee Stadium

The Steinbrenners may be MLB's steadiest owners

In an ESPN interview, Hal Steinbrenner revealed that he has begun the process of preparing the next generation of Steinbrenners to take over the Yankees when the time comes.

How much were the Yankees actually worth in 2015?

A comparison of player salaries versus actual value in dollars reveals that Brian Cashman put together an effective Yankee roster in 2015.

Yankees arb projections & what they mean for 2016

Yankees arbitration projections and what they mean for the 2016 payroll

Hal: "Steinbrenners aren't cheap, won't sell"

Hal's also pretty positive on Girardi and Cashman. For now, anyway.

Crowdsourcing Yankees free agent contracts

What contracts do you think Robertson, Headley, and company will receive?

Front office: Denbo replaces Newman, Roessler gone

While the Yankees' new hitting coach has not been leaked, other front office positions have reportedly changed.

Yankees losing advantage as financial powerhouse

Will the Yankees adjust to the present and the future, or will they fall further behind?

Brian Cashman returns on a three-year deal

After weeks of speculation, Brian Cashman will remain as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Yankees.

Taking stock of Brian Cashman's reign as GM

2014 marks the seventeenth season in which Brian Cashman has served has General Manager and Senior Vice President of the New York Yankees. How has he performed to this point?

How do the recent deals affect Yankees payroll?

A quick look into the team's financial future...

Should the Yanks extend Ivan Nova?

Young pitchers all around baseball seem to be getting extended by their teams. Should the Yankees do the same with their most proven young starter?

How much value does Gardner's extension offer?

What kind of value might the Yankees reap from Gardner?

Yankees sell off majority interest of YES to Fox

The Yankees have sold off their majority control of the YES Network to Fox

Farewell to Plan 189. We won't miss you.

The signing of Masahiro Tanaka officially puts an end to the Yankees' plan to avoid a large luxury tax hit in 2014. Fielding a competitive team was more important than saving a few dollars, at least for this season.

With A-Rod's suspension, is Plan 189 possible?

Will A-Rod's 162-game suspension enable the Yankees to resume their plans for a luxury tax-avoiding payroll?

High-A Tampa Yankees won't be moving to Ocala

It appears that the agreement to move the Yankees' High-A Tampa affiliate to Ocala has broken down

Mike Francesa will no longer be on YES

The Yankees will end their relationship with Mike Francesa as they have decided not to renew their contract with WFAN. I wonder why *cough*A-Rod*cough*


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