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Yankees minor league moves: free agents and signings

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Denis Poroy

In the world of meaningless minor league moves, the Yankees have a few and we're definitely going to talk about them, because what else are we going to do in the offseason?

Jim Miller, Brent Lillibridge and Alberto Gonzalez have all declared themselves free agents and are now free to sign with any team the choose. Miller, 31, has a 2.78 ERA and a 7.9 K/9 in 64.2 innings for four different teams and pitched in one game for the 2013 Yankees. The 30-year-old Lillibridge played in 11 games for the Yankees this season and has a .205/.267/.332 line while playing almost every position on the field. Gonzalez played in 13 games for the Yankees and has a .239/.275/.315 batting line as a 30-year-old free agent shortstop.

Mike Zagurski has been outrighted by the New York Yankees in order to avoid having to pay him arbitration. After pitching for Scranton, he left the organization to pitch for the Pirates, but then ended back with the Yankees and pitched only 0.1 innings for them in September.

The Yankees have also released Roberto de la Rosa from the system. He pitched in one game in 2011 as an 18-year-old for the Dominican Yankees, but is now 20 and has not pitched since.

Jose Gil has re-signed with the organization. The catcher had been in the system from 2005 to 2012 and started 2013 playing indy ball before signing with the Orioles and then back to the Yankees. He has a career .237/.302/.356 batting line and will likely provide minor league depth at Double-A or Triple-A as a 27-year-old.

The Yankees signed minor league free agent R.J. Johnson, a former 36th round draft pick for the Brewers back in 2010. He was released back in 2012, but hadn't pitched since the 2010 Arizona Fall League. His personal twitter account says he is an infielder, so he must have transitioned off the mound at some point. It must have not gone very well.

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