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Yankees lineup vs. Giants; Mariano Rivera Day, Metallica might be showing up

Metallica might be showing up

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Mariano Rivera Day and also Andy Pettitte's last career start at Yankee Stadium. This is it. Now the lineup is set and hopefully another win is coming:

It's the same as it has been. Ichiro Suzuki leads off, Alex Rodriguez is the DH, Robinson Cano, Alfonso Soriano, and Curtis Granderson bat in the middle of the lineup. Eduardo Nunez is the third baseman, Mark Reynolds is the first baseman and then Brendan Ryan and, of course, Chris Stewart hit at the bottom.

It's long been rumored that Metallica could play at the Stadium for the ceremony and it looks like that might be what's happening:

The stage could definitely be for a ceremony, but Metallica played at the Apollo last night and any ceremony could easily take place on the field. Something big is about to happen and I think it's Metallica.

This is the end, so let's hope it goes off perfectly.

Just when you thought Rivera couldn't get any nicer, he's apparently given every Yankee a signed Mariano Rivera jersey.

Joe Girardi has stated that there's no guarantee that he will pitch in today's game, considering where they are in the playoff race.

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