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Yankees lineup vs. Giants; Andy Pettitte retires, Austin Romine still out

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On the day that Andy Pettitte announced his retirement, the Yankees will face the Giants at Yankee Stadium. CC Sabathia and Tim Lincecum will face off in what will be a battle of fallen former aces. The lineup is out and it's a doozy:

Ichiro Suzuki has somehow made his way into the lineup as the leadoff hitter, despite having a sub-.300 on-base percentage on the season and being one of the worst hitters in the league. Alex Rodriguez is still only DHing, Robinson Cano bats third, Alfonso Soriano is the cleanup hitter, and Curtis Granderson is in center field. Eduardo Nunez will bat sixth for some ungodly reason as he mans third base. Lyle Overbay, Brendan Ryan, and J.R. Murphy make up the bottom of the order. Murphy gets another shot to start behind the plate, but he's now been dropped to ninth behind Ryan.

Mariano Rivera and Joba Chamberlain (why?) were in attendance for Andy Pettitte's press conference to officially announce his retirement. Mo gave his blessing for Andy to announce his retirement so close to the Yankees' planned celebration of Rivera's retirement in order to make the festivities even more special. Pettitte says the decision to retire stems from discussions with his family as well as the overall feeling of just being done as a pitcher. Heading into the season, he felt that he was close to 100% sure that 2013 was going to be his last year, but the final step was finding the right time to make the announcement and not steal the spotlight from Rivera. Over the course of his career, his only regret was his use of HGH, a mistake that could keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

Austin Romine is still feeling the effects of his concussion 10 days after he first suffered it in Baltimore. He doesn't feel many of the side effects that most catchers feel after suffering a concussion, like feeling dizzy or foggy and hazy vision, but he has reported problems with his balance. While the concussion isn't deemed serious, brain injuries can't be rushed and now it is looking more likely that Romine could miss the rest of the season, especially if the Yankees feel that Murphy can adequately fill in behind the plate.

On the plus side of the injury coin flip, Boone Logan should be available to pitch tonight after remaining out since September 6. Logan was diagnosed with a bone spur in his pitching elbow which will need to be cleaned up in the offseason, however he should be good to go in the last week of the season.

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