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Yankees lineup vs. Blue Jays; Romine scratched, Logan injury update

Romine isn't back yet, Logan might be back soon

Tom Szczerbowski

The Yankees have returned to baseball after an off day that allowed them to think long and hard about their three game sweep at the hands of the Red Sox. Hopefully they return better than they were last week. They send out a lineup filled with people who play baseball:

The top of the lineup stays constant as Curtis Granderson is in center field and leading off, Alex Rodriguez DHs, and then Robinson Cano, Alfonso Soriano, and Lyle Overbay make up the heart of the order. Mark Reynolds plays at third base, keeping Eduardo Nunez out of the lineup, and with Brett Gardner injured, it looks like Ichiro Suzuki will be the new starting right fielder, despite his second half struggles. The Yankees still have Zoilo Almonte on the bench, but he isn't likely to get a chance to start. Brendan Ryan remains the starting shortstop and Chris Stewart weasels his way in as catcher.

It seemed that Austin Romine was ready to return to the team after being gone since the Baltimore series where he suffered a concussion, however, things seem to have changed. He didn't have a setback; instead it seems that there was a miscommunication between him and the training staff and it seems he will need a few more days before he's ready to play. It's really odd that something like this could happen again after similar instances of confusion happened with Kevin Youkilis, Derek Jeter, and Mark Teixeira. Either players are lying to them or they're not doing very well in evaluating their patients' health and it's cost them dearly.

After seeing Dr. Andrews last week, it has been determined that Boone Logan has a bone spur in his left elbow, which is the cause to the pain he has been feeling. He wants to try and pitch through it so he can return to the team by Friday, the earliest, but he will need surgery in the offseason to clean the area up. He's lucky to know that there was no damage to his ligaments, but CC Sabathia had bone spurs removed from his elbow too and now look at him.

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