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Yankees lineup vs. Orioles; Nova and Romine injury updates, AFL pitchers announced

Tonight's lineups, injury updates, and Arizona Fall League gossip

Patrick Smith

The Yankee fan base will clench its collective butt cheeks tonight as Phil Hughes takes the mound against the league's best home run hitting team in the launching pad that is Camden Yards.

To the lineups!

Just in case you're not thrilled with the idea of Chris Stewart catching every remaining game of the season (Lord knows J.R. Murphy will never be given a shot), lets check in on the health of the recently-concussed Austin Romine:

Now how about some even better news:

Be healthy again, Ivan. Be awesome again, Ivan.

On the minor league front, the Yankees have named the four pitchers they'll be sending to the Arizona Fall League: RHPs Brett Gerritse and James Pazos, and LHPs Fred Lewis and Vidal Nuno. It's good to hear that Nuno has healed up and is ready to pitch - he pitched well in his three big league starts, and his loss was an underrated blow to the Yankees' season. This Yankee starter bWAR chart never ceases to amuse/terrify me:

Hiroki Kuroda 38 183.2 29 29 66 3.23 4.4
Ivan Nova 26 119.1 20 17 42 3.17 3.1
Andy Pettitte* 41 162.2 27 27 81 4.48 1.6
Vidal Nuno* 25 20.0 5 3 5 2.25 0.8
CC Sabathia* 32 198.0 30 30 116 5.27 0.2
David Phelps 26 82.2 18 12 48 5.23 -0.0
Phil Hughes 27 137.1 27 26 85 5.57 -0.5
Team Total 31.6 1303.1 522 146 607 4.19 15.7
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Generated 9/12/2013.

Crap, I just reminded myself that Hughes is starting tonight. Time to head on off to church...