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Eduardo Nunez scratched from lineup, Mark Reynolds starting at second base

Nunez didn't recover from last night's sniper strike in time for tonight's game against the Blue Jays.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

After going down like he was shot on the turf during last night's game, Eduardo Nunez tried to make it back into the lineup for tonight's game. Unfortunately, he was unable to go and Robinson Cano is sitting out after being hit in the hand by J.A. Happ that ultimately ended up being a dodged bullet for the Yankees after his X-Ray came back negative.

Reynolds last started at second base in 2007 with the Arizona Diamondbacks' Double-A team. So, you know, it's been a while. Could be quite the adventure out there tonight, folks.

Pranksters Vernon Wells and Joba Chamberlain had this gift for Nunez, similar to the one Mariano Rivera received on the warning track in Kansas City earlier this season.

As for the rest of the lineup:

Obviously that was before the Nunez for Reynolds swap. Joe Girardi did not draw the seven of clubs tonight, so Chris Stewart is starting over Austin Romine. Counting down the days until September 1 with the hope of JR Murphy. Maybe.

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