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Yankees lineup vs. Angels; five contracts worse than Alex Rodriguez's


The Yankees obliterated the Los Angeles Angels last night and look to continue their streak and reach four wins in a row. Tonight's lineup looks a lot closer to what we're all accustomed to seeing:

Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki are both back in the outfield and leading off the offense. Robinson Cano stays in the three-hole, Alex Rodriguez is back out at third base, and Curtis Granderson is the designated hitter, while Alfonso Soriano is in the outfield and Lyle Overbay is at first base. Eduardo Nunez and Chris Stewart bat at the end of the lineup as usual.

There seems to be an outfield rotation in place. Gardner is the center fielder, but Soriano and Granderson trade off between DH and Ichiro and Vernon Wells seem to be in platoon. The Yankees are facing Jered Weaver tonight, so Joe Girardi's right-hander lineup is in full force.

The Austin Romine/Chris Sewart daily platoon seems to still be in effect, which is a bizarre way to share playing time. If you believe in momentum, there's no way either could possibly build any when they're out of the lineup every other game. Neither catcher are hitting anywhere close to the Mendoza line over the last week, so this method isn't really paying off.

If you think Alex Rodriguez's deal is crippling, Joel Sherman of the New York Post has a list of several other contractsthat might end up being worse from this point on. If A-Rod gets suspended for all of next year, the Yankees would save $25 million. These players could end up being bigger mistakes than A-Rod has been for the Yankees:

  1. Albert Pujols - Angels: 8 years, $212 million
  2. Ryan Braun - Brewers: 7 years, $117 million
  3. Josh Hamilton - Angels: 4 years, $98 million
  4. Ryan Howard - Phillies: 3 years, $85 million
  5. B.J. Upton - Braves: 4 years, $62.8 million

At least the Yankees only have four more years after 2013 and A-Rod could miss the entire 2014 season.

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