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Yankees lineup vs. Dodgers; Michael Morse available for trade

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees take their lineup to a National League park tonight, and you know what that means. Pitchers batting! Get excited. Tonight also marks a momentous occasion in the form of the return of Jayson Nix to the lineup.

When you have a struggling offense like the Yankees have had all season, facing Zack Greinke isn't really the best news. Lyle Overbay is the only batter to have hit a home run off Greinke in his career with two prior dingers. Robinson Cano and Overbay have both managed to hit Greinke fairly well, each of them having an OPS against the right-hander that exceeds .900 (.944 for Cano, 1.027 for Overbay). If there is good news to be found, it's that no Yankee who has faced Greinke in the past really has terrible numbers against him. That is reason for optimism.

The Mariners have made Michael Morse available in the trade and the Yankees had already shown interest in him back when the Nationals were first shopping him. Washington was asking for a package of Ramon Flores and Jose Ramirez, says Trenton Thunder beat writer, Josh Norris, a deal the Yankees obviously balked at. This time around New York is without Mark Teixeira and Lyle Overbay is not a full time first baseman that a playoff hopeful needs. Morse would fit perfectly into a platoon with Overbay, having a 160 wRC+ against lefties. Would Cashman say yes to that deal now?

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