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Yankees lineup vs. Rangers; Soriano deal possibly hung up over money

Ronald Martinez

The Yankees and their struggling offense have only won one game since the All-Star break and seemingly haven't hit a home run since Bud Selig was an infant. Taking that a step further, they haven't even had a hit go for extra bases in four straight games. They'll try to reverse their luck tonight against Alexi Ogando, who is being activated off the DL for the start. Opposite him will be Phil Hughes, whose fly ball tendencies make pitching in Arlington in the heat of late July sound like a nightmare.

At long last, Travis Hafner is not in the lineup. Hopefully it's a sign that Joe Girardi has finally realized that Hafner seems to have absolutely nothing left in the tank, despite his hot start to the season. None of the Yankee batters have very good numbers off Ogando, and none of them have faced him very many times, but Robinson Cano does manage to have New York's only homer off the right-hander.

George King reported early this morning that the Yankees and Cubs were close to a deal that wound send Alfonso Soriano back to New York. As of today, it sounds like that report may have been a bit hasty, as the two sides haven't yet come to an agreement on exactly how much money either would be forced to pick up on the remainder of Soriano's contract. If the Yankees pick up more, they can afford to send a lesser prospect to Chicago. The more money that the Cubs eat, the better of a prospect they'll want in return.

I'd rather pay money than give up a valuable piece for a 37-year-old with suspect defense, but the Yankees are desperate and have been tight with their wallets recently. Jon Heyman expects a deal to get done because a right-handed power bat like Soriano's just makes too much sense for the Yankees.

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