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Yankees lineup vs. Royals & Derek Jeter's equipment shipped to New York


Having scored three runs their last 27+ innings, the Yankees will try to salvage a split against the Royals tonight with Ivan Nova on the mound. They'll be facing another former AL East foe in Wade Davis, who gets the start for Kansas City.

Ichiro Suzuki is the Yankee in the lineup with the best career numbers off Davis. Ichiro has a .526/.526/.895 line with a home run, a triple, and two doubles off of the former Tampa Bay Rays pitcher. Brett Gardner has picked up six hits in 13 at-bats off Davis and Lyle Overbay is the only Yankee to have multiple home runs against Davis with two.

When asked whether Joe Girardi had considered shuffling his lineup, the Yankees' manager seemed to suggest his patience with the question was wearing a bit thin.

Unfortunately, he's right. There isn't any way to hide all the holes in this lineup. Batting Travis Hafner that high when he's hitting the way he currently is, though, is pretty insane. If Girardi hasn't considered benching him, which was reported yesterday, the least he can do is not bat him cleanup.

According to George King of the New York Post, Derek Jeter's equipment has been shipped from Tampa to the Bronx, which could signal a weekend return. The Yankees could desperately use his bat in their lineup, but it seems like they put a rush order on his return a bit. At his age coming off a scary injury with his ankle now mostly made up of metal, you have to hope that they aren't rushing him back too soon again.

Following up on my article from this morning, Aaron Judge is reportedly on his way to Tampa, which likely signifies that the two sides have come to some sort of agreement.

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