When Mattingly recaptured Donnie Baseball in '95: 'I was me again'


1995 is a little forgotten due to the 1996 championship but it was awesome to see Don Mattingly play at a high caliber towards the end of the season and into the playoffs

Despite an Impressive Managerial Career and Missing Hall of Fame Election by a Single Check Mark, Lou Piniella Faces a Tough Road to be Voted into Cooperstown on a Future Ballot


Sweet Lou should make the Veterans Committee Ballot this fall. He missed by 1 vote, the last time he was eligible on the same ballot where Lee Smith & Harold Baines were elected

The Unforgettable Topps Cards From Don Mattingly’s Dominant Peak


A fun article about Donnie Baseball’s peak seasons & his 80s Topps cards



The Era/Veteran Committee ballots have been released The Early Days ballot has Allie Reynolds & also Lefty O’Doul who briefly played for New York The Golden Days ballot has Roger Maris & also Jim Kaat who spent about a year and half in pinstripes Reynolds & Maris aren’t the best candidates on their respective ballots but it’s nice to see them make the ballot & have their achievements recognized

Hot Take - Phil Nevine wont be brought back


Was about time I guess

Gio Urshela falls into Rays dugout making incredible catch


What a freakin' play by Gio Urshela! The Yanks haven't scored yet and need every single out they can get from Rays hitters, and Gio knew it. He limped off the field and who knows where he goes from here (though he stayed in the game), but talk about a perhaps-season-saving play. Nothing else to say but wow.

Subway Series benches empty as Yankees, Mets chirp


After Francisco Lindor hit a homer to put the Mets up, 6-4, he whistled at Yankees as he rounded the bases. An inning later, Giancarlo Stanton tied the score with a two-run shot and chirped right back at him, leading to the benches emptying. No punches were thrown, but hey, elusive Subway Series spiciness! (Alas, Lindor got the last laugh by homering a third time to put the Mets back in front.)

Derek Jeter thanks fans in Hall of Fame speech


The Captain officially became part of Cooperstown royalty this afternoon, joining icons like Reggie Jackson and Mariano River on stage and late legends of yesteryear like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, and Mickey Mantle in the Hall of Fame plaque gallery. Congratulations to Derek Jeter! (You can watch the full speech here.)

The Somerset Patriots' ballpark is underwater


You thought Yankee Stadium looked rough last night? Well, holy moly is this bad. The Somerset Patriots are away from Bridgewater this week, but it might take some time to get the ballpark operating again after a mess like this, which was part of the storms that ravaged the tri-state area on September 1st. Hope everyone's staying safe.

Aaron Judge demolished a homer into the Field of Dreams corn


It's really too bad that there is no Statcast for this game because holy smokes did Judge that ball hit a long, long way off Cy Young contender Lance Lynn. We'll just have to settle on a distance of "YOWZA ft." That put the Yankees up, 3-1.

Update: MLB put out a great side camera view of the Judge homer as well. Worth a look!