Attention Must Be Paid


"In contrast with his solo journey to Little Rock, Cashman was accompanied to the meeting with Jeter by the team’s managing partner, Hal Steinbrenner, and its president, Randy Levine." Just the first few steps of the dance...

Yankees Stadium with football lines


A little weird to see, but the setup looks cool.

NL Gold Glove Winners Announced


Bronson Arroyo, Yadier Molina, Albert Pujols, Brandon Phillips, Scott Rolen, Troy Tulowitzki, Shane Victorino, Michael Bourn, and Carlos Gonzalez. Not as awful as the AL selections, but still some head-scratchers, Shane Victorino over Jay Bruce and Scott Rolen over Ryan Zimmerman chief among them. Only three out of the top twelve defensive players by UZR/150 won Gold Gloves this season. It's really a shame that in so many of baseball's awards there is such a huge divide between the winners and those who deserved to win.

BA's Official Top 10 Yankee Prospects


The top three are Montero, Sanchez and Betances. Definitely worth a read.

The Jeter Question


One of the best articles I have read on Jeter in a long time.

Cashman meeting with Lee


He flew to Arkansas to meet with the free agent lefty, his wife and his agent, but no offer is expected to be made.

Fake Future: Twins sign Jeter


Hi all, Jesse from SB Nation Twins site Twinkie Town here. I had a little fun with this yesterday. Will it happen? Absolutely not. But somewhere, in a dark and twisted universe...

Yes, Jorge will DH next year.


Yes, Jorge will DH next year.

- tweeted by Laura Posada Come on down, Jesus!

The Question of the Day


Does Brian Cashman have the cojones to say to Derek Jeter: "Your fifth Gold Glove Award doesn't mean any more than Rafael Palmeiro's 1999 Gold Glove when he played 28 games at first. Part of your next contract will include a firm understanding of when and how you will begin a transition to another position."

It is a tremendous honor to receive the Gold Glove Award, especially since this recognition comes...


It is a tremendous honor to receive the Gold Glove Award, especially since this recognition comes from managers and coaches for whom I have a great deal of respect. It is particularly gratifying to be recognized for defense, as it is something I take a lot of pride in and am constantly working to improve.

- Derek Jeter The link has quotes from the other Gold Glove winners.