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Matt Ferenchick is a staff writer at Pinstripe Alley and Tar Heel Blog. He has written for PSA since 2012, lives in the Scranton, Pennsylvania region, and once saw Aaron Judge destroy a bounce house with a home run. He is a big fan of uncovering weird and funny baseball history.

Top 100 Yankees: #26 Charlie Keller

"King Kong" was a force in the Yankees lineup for several World Series championship teams in the 1930s and ‘40s.

Yankees news: Let’s dwell on Snell

The case for a Blake Snell signing in a conundrum; three Yankees eligible for a fourth option year; team makes an assistant hitting coach hire.

Some numbers the Yankees could collectively retire

The Yankees have retired plenty of numbers over the years, but if they want to add any more, here are some that are not quite associated with one person in particular.

Top 100 Yankees: #31 Mel Stottlemyre

Arguably better known for his time as Yankees’ pitching coach during the ‘90s dynasty, Stottlemyre was also incredible on the mound.

Yankees Trade Partner History: Braves

The Yankees have had some memorable World Series battles with the Braves, but what’s happened when the team’s have done battle in the trade market?

The Yankees and their “gift returns”

Remembering some instances when the Yankees sent a player back to the team they had acquired him from.

The most impactful MLB/Yankees debuts

You probably remember some big ones, but who had the biggest impact on the games where they made their big league debuts.

Top 100 Yankees: #41 Bobby Murcer

Between his talent on the field and his affable manner off it and in the broadcast booth, you won’t find many more beloved Yankees than Bobby Murcer.

What’s on the Yankees’ Christmas wish lists?

What might some of the Yankees be wishing for this holiday season?

NYY News: Asking Santa for a pitcher

Digging in on the Yankees’ rotation and options after the Yamamoto sweepstakes; Boone optimistic about Jasson Domínguez’s injury recovery timeline.