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Malachi Hayes is based in Chicago, where in addition to writing about the Yankees and rooting against the Red Sox, they are a staff editor for South Side Sox and periodic contributor to Baseball Prospectus.

Yankees Sequence of the Week: The struggles of Clarke Schmidt

Spotty control and predictable sequencing are killing the 27-year-old.

Take a deep breath, Yankees fans

The Yankees are not in good shape, but it’s not time to hit the panic button yet.

It could be worse: A report from Chicago

Andrew Benintendi is playing better than Yankees left fielders, but that’s about the only thing going right on the South Side.

The Yankees are optimizing Jimmy Cordero

Finding the subtle changes that have fully unlocked Cordero’s arsenal.

Yankees Sequence of the Week: Cordero vs. Rendon (4/18)

Two members of the 2018 Nationals meet again in battle.

What’s going wrong with Clarke Schmidt?

Breaking down some possible causes for the young right-hander’s struggles

Yankees Sequence of the Week: Holmes vs. Rosario (4/12)

How Clay Holmes locked it down on Wednesday against Amed Rosario.

Yankees 4, Guardians 3: Late rally gives Boone-less Yankees series win

The Yankees’ offense and bullpen overcame early controversy and another shaky start from Clarke Schmidt.

NYY @ CLE: Clarke Schmidt vs. Peyton Battenfield

Matinee action in Cleveland as the Yankees have their eyes on another possible series win.

Yankees Sequence of the Week: Cortes vs. Castellanos (4/3)

One of the National League’s most fearsome lefty-killers makes no match for Nasty Nestor.