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Malachi Hayes is based in Chicago, where in addition to writing about the Yankees and rooting against the Red Sox, they are a staff editor for South Side Sox and periodic contributor to Baseball Prospectus.

A farewell to Yankees nation

It’s been real, and it’s been fun (even if the baseball wasn’t always).

Yankees Trade History: White Sox

The hits outnumber the misses in the deals between this historic pairing.

Long live Sports Illustrated (and all the best Yankees covers)

A look at Yankees on the iconic magazine’s cover over the decades

Looking for contributions in unexpected places for the Yankees bullpen

Will one of these relievers pitch their way onto fans’ radar in 2024?

Top 100 Yankees: #19 Willie Randolph

One of the Yankees’ most low-key greats, Randolph had a career to make New York proud.

Marcus Stroman’s arsenal fits the Yankees mold

Breaking down what the Yankees’ newest starting pitcher brings to the table.

Yankees Trade History: Diamondbacks

You can find some interesting hits in this team’s brief trade history.

Yankees Trade History: Blue Jays

Big names have changed hands in the 40-year history between division rivals

Difficult decisions await Yanks regarding two top bullpen arms

Will the Yankees issue any extensions or ultimately bid adieu to these stalwarts?

Top 100 Yankees: #34 Joe Gordon

One of the game’s great slugging second baseman played his prime years in pinstripes.