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Yankees 2019 Roster Report Card: Domingo German

Some things are just bigger than baseball.

Shogo Akiyama could be a nifty pickup for the Yankees

Japan’s reigning hit machine is coming over to the US this offseason, and the Yankees should take a close look.

NYY News: No regrets

Cashman has no regrets about roster construction; Gardner and Maybin among options to replace Aaron Hicks in center field; Best World Series of the 21st century

The Yankees were a clutch hitting team, until they weren’t

The Yankees’ success with RISP didn’t translate well to the ALCS. What does this mean?

NYY News: Well that ALDS was pretty decisive

Yankees keep beating Twins; FAQ about the ALCS; Britton not worried about ankle; Hicks claims he’s ready to play

The Yankees’ offensive success has been fueled by great plate discipline

In juxtaposition to last year’s ALDS against Boston, the Yankees’ patience against the Twins so far has been excellent.

NYY News: Happ Happens to be not entirely Happless recently

Happ may be Yankees Game Four starter; Encarnacion not quite ready for game action; Yankees’ World Series odds are third-best in MLB; Judge’s jersey sales best in majors for third consecutive year

Three pitfalls that could jeopardize the Yankees’ postseason hopes

Every team has weaknesses. Here are the Yankees’.

Can the Yankees get Masahiro Tanaka back on track in time for the playoffs?

The Yankees’ best playoff starter has yet to regain his usual form.

NYY News: Gary’s HR record broken by Gary

Gary sets new HR record for Yankees catchers; Speculating about the 2020 starting outfield; Andujar not worried about future with Yanks; A list of impact players around the league returning in September