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NYY news: Scott Boras: Agent, visionary

Scott Boras may have a creative solution for Harper and Machado; insight into the free agency market from team executives around the league; Britton signs with Yankees

NYY News: Red Thunder is back and healthy

Clint Frazier is getting ready for spring; a look at the most likely options for the Yankees to bolster their rotation; Mariano is still unanimous at this point

A Cashman Carol: A Ghost Story of the Yankees Winter Meetings

Charles Dickens returns to warn the Yankees’ suddenly frugal GM of the dismal fate that awaits his team.

Why a Yankees trade for Robinson Cano makes sense

The Yankees and Mariners quickly discussed a swap of Robinson Cano and Jacoby Ellsbury. Maybe the Yankees should pursue it harder.

NYY News: From Vancouver to New York, Big City Paxton is ready

Big Maple is ready for the pressures of New York; Mariano likely won’t have a unanimous HOF vote; Yankees might dangle Stanton; Judge has the longest Yankee homer in Statcast Era

David Robertson is having an odd winter

Robertson fired his agent and has found himself at the center of a team controversy. It’s a tricky time to navigate his free agency.

Another open letter to Shohei Ohtani

The American League Rookie of the Year didn’t respond to my first letter, so here’s a follow up.

NYY News: Babe Ruth finally gets some recognition

Sonny Gray may be able to pull in a bigger haul than expected; Babe Ruth to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom; who Yankee players follow on Twitter

The reality of the mythicized “New York temperament”

When players struggle in pinstripes, it’s easy to say that they can’t hack it in New York. But is that a real excuse or a crutch?

A Gary Sanchez for J.T. Realmuto swap doesn’t make sense for the Yankees

J.T. Realmuto is the real deal and he wants out of Miami, but the Yankees already have their catcher.