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NYY News: A Kraken swims in Scranton

Gary Sanchez is set to begin his short rehab assignment in Triple-A Scranton; the Yankees break a home run record and bury the Orioles in the process; what can Aaron Boone do about Masahiro Tanaka and this starting rotation

Sometimes the Mets are just... the Mets

On this week’s episode: A bust at the trade deadline, Luke Voit joining the Yankee infirmary, the Mets doing Mets things, and trading Aaron Judge for a private jet

NYY news: Thor, Bauer, and all the trade speculation

The high-profile dark horses of the trade deadline; Gary Sanchez heads to the IL; the relaxed, win-now mentality of the 2019 Yankees

A conversation about Yogi Berra and Yoo-hoo

On this episode of Monument Talk, we cover Yogi’s investments, the rise of Aaron Hicks, Aroldis Chapman’s possible opt-out, and the very rare Jacoby Ellsbury Lego set

NYY news: Hicks has a future in fortune-telling

Aaron Hicks is turning it around offensively; the lack of power may be coming to an end for Didi Gregorius; CC Sabathia at the center of another dust-up with the Rays

NYY News: Aaron Judge is good at baseball, here’s why

The small tweak that guided Aaron Judge’s success after his return from injury; Masahiro Tanaka added to the All-Star roster; Aaron Boone gives some insight into how he decides what players to rest

Yankees organist Paul Cartier talks carpooling with Bob Sheppard

This episode features a few cool stories from Paul Cartier, Giancarlo Stanton’s newest injury, beefing with Statcast, and theories about the hawk flying around Yankee Stadium

NYY News: Brian Cashman stole a robot named DJ

Brian Cashman stole DJ LeMahieu from the Rays; Yankees set the MLB home run streak record; what pitchers could be coming to New York by the trade deadline; A-Rod on his surprising comeback.

Here is a list of reasons to love Cameron Maybin

On this episode, we say hello to Aaron Judge, goodbye to Clint Frazier, and we love you to Cameron Maybin

A discussion on trading for Madison Bumgarner, the best baseball foods, and A League of Their Own

This week’s show talks trading Clint Frazier, the nearing returns of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, and why Dottie Hinson is actually the greatest baseball villain ever