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Pinstripe Alley's token Canadian

Analytics Love Derek Jeter, Part II: The 2006 AL MVP

People really did love Justin Morneau and his ribbies.

Analytics Love Derek Jeter, Part I: The 1999 AL MVP

The first installment of a sabermetric-inclined review of the onetime Captain.

What if the Yankees never acquired Giancarlo Stanton?

Replacing one MVP with another.

NYY News: Manfred condescends

The Rob Manfred show; Yankees roster faces holes in transaction freeze; club linked to Freddie Freeman.

The great mistake of the Baby Bomber era

Aaron Judge is a free agent in twelve months. It should never have happened like this.

NYY News: Should Sánchez stay or should he go?

On Gary’s future; Tyler Wade now an Angel; Yankees on the 2022 Hall of Fame ballot

Evaluating the Gerrit Cole contract after two seasons

What’s an ace worth these days?

On free agency and the Yankees’ roster flexibility

Signing a big-name shortstop gives the club the kind of contingency they need.

NYY news: Seager, Semien could sign early

Could the big names sign early?; Correa is platinum; the biggest free agent wins; a new way to value players

Simulating the 2022 Yankee offseason

The Yankees come up short on the biggest targets, but still improved the on-field product.