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Joshua Diemert has been writing at Pinstripe Alley since 2017, in a perpetual search for a more perfect understanding of what value is. The Rays fill him with nausea. When not blogging about baseball, he spends too much money on tattoos and too much time taking bad pics at good concerts.

NYY News: Winter (Meetings) is Coming

Sizing up needs ahead of the Winter Meetings; MLB pieces that could be moved; Lou Pinella’s regret; Jones’ Hall of Fame case

Top 100 Yankees: #65 Tommy John

The sinkerballer is more than just a surgery namesake.

Yankees Potential Trade Target: Juan Soto

Smoke is beginning to swirl around one of the game’s best hitters.

Yankees Potential Free Agent Target: Jung Hoo Lee

Does the KBO star make sense for the Yankees?

NYY News: The Belli of the Ball

The warts of Bellinger; under-the-radar possible moves; reuniting with Monty, Montas?

Yankees 2023 Roster Report Card: Giancarlo Stanton

Where have you gone, Giancarlo, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Yankees Potential Free Agent Target: Josh Hader

Arguably the game’s best reliever, Hader would bolster an always tough bullpen.

NYY News: Yamamoto to be posted Monday

Orix will post Yamamoto next week; Cole more than just a pitcher; Bauers a Brewer; pitch clock adjustment coming

Yankees Potential Trade Target: Manuel Margot

The Rays could be stripping down, and the Yankees could make a depth move

Top 100 Yankees: #78 George Selkirk

The Babe’s replacement churned out a pretty darn good career in his own right.