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John Griffin is a staff writer for Pinstripe Alley, with whom he has been writing since the start of the 2019 season. When he's not overanalyzing Yankees baseball, he teaches History and Latin and is pursuing his PhD in Classics at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Why is Nestor Cortes struggling to go deep into ballgames?

Nestor has been Nasty through four innings, but has fallen apart in the fifth and sixth lately.

1998 Yankees Diary: The second “losing streak” of ‘98

For the first time since the opening week of the season, the ‘98 Yanks dropped their second game in a row.

Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Deivi García’s (Brief) Return

Deivi García’s short-but-triumphant return to the Bronx is among the many pieces of this week’s busy social media roundup.

The Yankees defense isn’t the strength it was last year

The 2022 Yankees won the teamwide Gold Glove Award last year, but have been no better than league average defensively in 2023.

NYY News: Return of the Cap

Judge returns to the lineup; Spencer Jones named Yanks’ best prospect; Sevy wants to remain in pinstripes; conflicting reports on Rodón’s health; Weissert demoted

1998 Yankees Diary: Eighth straight win on the eighth

Hideki Irabu and the 1998 Yankees extend their winning streak to a season-high eight games on the eighth of May.

Yankees Social Media: Willie Calhoun’s big week

When game-changing home runs are not the highlight of your week, you’re having a pretty good week.

The Yankees learned the wrong lessons from 2019

Ever since 2019, the Yankees front office has overestimated its ability to squeeze value out of journeymen and washed up vets.

Yankees 4, Guardians 2: Volpe, Cole snap losing streak

It looked like the same old story, but Anthony Volpe ignited the offense in the later innings and sparked a comeback.

NYY vs CLE: Gerrit Cole vs. Tanner Bibee

Will the Cole Train exit the station with a win?