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The Yankees’ division lead is not an excuse for poor decision-making

The Yankees are still up big in the AL East, but fans have every right to be angry at what is happening on and off the field.

Higgy’s improvement is a small but helpful piece for struggling Yanks

Kyle Higashioka had a terrible start to 2022, but in the dog days of July and into August, there has been plenty of improvement

Trevino, Higgy, and the subtle intricacies of pitch-calling

What’s causing the statistical differences around the rotation with Trevino and Higashioka behind the plate?

How Aaron Hicks’ batting stance contributes to his inconsistency

Aaron Hicks has had an uneven season, and there are some issues with his batting stance that may be causing it.

A post-deadline look at the New York Yankees rotation

After a chaotic and confusing trade deadline, the Yankees have plenty of interesting pieces to play with in their rotation.

Yankees 3, Mariners 7: Cole’s awful first sets tone for series loss

Cole was too little, too late in getting his stuff under control, and it cost the Yankees a chance to win.

NYY vs. SEA: Gerrit Cole vs. Luis Castillo

A weekday matinee will decide the winner in the first of two series against the Mariners.

Scott Effross is a strong replacement for Michael King

Despite one of the best and most consistent relievers going down to injury, the Yankees played it perfectly

Yankees’ Andrew Benintendi trade drops first domino, strengthens lineup

And so it begins...

This or That: The Soto/Castillo edition

It’s a win-win situation, but a tough decision nonetheless.