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A long time lover of all things Baseball, especially the Yankees. Also, a full fledged socially awesome, comic book reading, movie watching, highly opinionated but never duplicated nerd!

NYY News: Ode to Troy

Dan O’Dowd and Bob Gibbons praise Troy Tulowitzki; Tulo signing should not hinder Yankees from signing Manny Machado; five things the Yankees need before Spring Training starts

The Yankees, the YES booth, and a look at MLB broadcasting

There was speculation that WEEI was making the Red Sox radio booth more like a talk show. Let’s discuss that and MLB broadcasts as a whole, shall we?

Why Yankees fans might not want Bryce Harper or Manny Machado

Some Yankee fans seem reluctant to want to sign the best FA on the market. Could it be due to fans hating disappointment more than enjoying winning?

The Yankees and Moneyball 2: Electric Frugaloo

The Yankees can be frugal because they can make the playoffs without doing anything else. This does not mean they should.

NYY News: Cardinals are full of Goldschmidt

St. Louis Cardinals trade for Paul Goldschmidt; Red Sox nearing deal with Nathan Eovaldi; Boone not just looking at Manny Machado’s hustle

Lack of competition may be good for the Yankees, but it’s bad for baseball

Teams intentionally being bad is good for the Yankees, but it’s hurting the sport.

NYY News: Thorsgiving: Ragnarok

Mets might be considering trading Noah Syndergaard; revisiting the 2016 trades; Dellin Betances gives back for Thanksgiving

Yankees fans have seen many one-team stars, but will we ever see them again?

Joe Mauer’s retirement makes one wonder if this is the end of an era.

NYY News: The treasure is the glaciers of Bryce

Scott Boras doesn’t believe that Yankees aren’t interested in Bryce Harper; Gary Sanchez will undergo shoulder surgery; Brian Cashman reveals what Chris Sale trade would have cost; Cashman leave subtle hint that he’s interested in Corbin

The Rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox has more rivalry than ever before

The Yankees and the Red Sox gave MLB the rivalry it wanted for 2018 and beyond.