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A long time lover of all things Baseball, especially the Yankees. Also, a full fledged socially awesome, comic book reading, movie watching, highly opinionated but never duplicated nerd!

NYY News: Giancarlo Stanton 2: The Streets

Giancarlo Stanton feels second year in pinstripes will be better than first; MLB & MLBPA agree to deal; Jonathan Loaisiga is not having the best spring

Yankees fans should treat Sanchez and Andujar how they did Jeter and Posada

Yankee fans have two options: be patient when Sanchez and Andujar make an error, or just simply ignore it like we did with Jeter and Posada.

NYY News: Bird is the Word and Luke is no Fluke

Greg Bird and Luke Voit will make this spring interesting; Danny Farquhar may pitch Saturday against the Pirates; Hicks’ extension gives Yankees time to develop Estevan Florial

The one way for fans to move on from George Steinbrenner

New York sports media says that Yankees fans need to move on from George Steinbrenner. Only one thing will make them do that.

“This better work,” says fan ready to be extremely petty after Yankees pass on Manny Machado

Manny Machado isn’t playing for the Yankees. Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu are. If this doesn’t work, expect vitriol.

NYY News: Spinning on that dizzy edge

Luis Severino not looking forward to arbitration hearing; Jacoby Ellsbury starts 2019 same way he started 2018; CC Sabathia will hold press conf. to announce retirement after 2019; Masahiro Tanaka states that the Yankees are a better team than last year

Look at all the things you cannot bring into Yankee Stadium

The Nationals are banning backpacks from their stadium. Let’s take a look at what Yankee Stadium does not allow inside.

The Yankees bullpen is great again, and it doesn’t matter

The Yankees bullpen is going to be an absolute monster, and I just really don’t care.

NYY News: Rumors got Manny things wrong about White Sox offer for Machado, per his agent

Machado’s agent refutes rumors of White Sox offer; DJ LeMahieu is excited to be a Yankee; some footage of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig taking batting practice

MLB sees record revenues, and players still aren’t seeing enough of them

A recent Forbes article shows that MLB is making a ton of money. But yeah, teams are struggling to pay players.